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SSSS! Behold the four letters that you don't ever want to see on your boarding pass. But if you find the Secondary Security Screening Selection -- SSSS stamp on your ticket, you should know that the TSA agents will be treating you to an extra-thorough and specialized security screening What SSSS on Your Boarding Pass Means and How to Fix It If you are a frequent traveler the process of going through security screening at the airport has probably become fairly routine. But if you are singled out for Secondary Security Screening Selection (SSSS) and you don't know what it is, it can quickly turn into an unsettling situation There's no for sure way to 100% prevent being issued a boarding pass with SSSS. Some have reported that you can ask an airline agent at the check-in desk to re-issue a boarding pass without SSSS but it's not clear to me what the success rate is when doing so and how much control the airlines have in the process

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  1. In reality, SSSS on a boarding pass is usually just an extra pat down at the boarding gate, or a random sample check at TSA or airport security. This means the TSA or other security agents may swab your clothes and anything inside your bags for drugs, explosives and so forth. An early sign you've been tagged with SSSS additional screening is.
  2. Boarding pass codes - what they mean and why SSSS is always bad news Updated: 12:33, 2 Mar 2018; THE words on your boarding pass can tell you a lot about what your flight is going to be like.
  3. ate. They'll radio for a supervisor and say they have a quad (which I guess is the codeword for SSSS, with the quad referring to the four letters). The TSA agent will tell you the airline has randomly selected you for.
  4. istration (TSA). Instead, these four letters can turn a dream vacation into a pre-departure nightmare. Should you be selected for this not-so-lucky list, expect some extra screening procedures.
  5. Nicknuzzii wrote:Please forgive as I know this is not the right place but I am just looking for a quick response, does anyone know if a boarding pass with SSSS will take up extra time at customs too or just at TSA?Got a short connection and the dreaded SSSS boarding pass. Boarding passes are not checked in customs unless maybe if you are pulled aside for secondary screening Then they may want.
  6. Boarding pass of passenger selected for secondary security screening. Secondary Security Screening Selection or Secondary Security Screening Selectee, known by its initials SSSS, is an airport security measure in the United States which selects passengers for additional inspection. People from certain countries are subject to it by default

What SSSS on Your Boarding Pass Means and How to Fix It

Back in August 2018, when flying to Los Angeles, something odd happened. I was able to check in online for my flight, but the British Airways app refused to give me a boarding pass. I went online and tried to get one there, but that didn't work either. It was insistent that I had to pick one up at the airport. Well, ok, no big deal I guess Stamp/ sticker on Boarding Pass by Officer: The TSA Officer or Security officer at the internal airport would put a sticker or Stamp on your boarding pass. If done sin US airport, they would fill out a form and put a stamp on the boarding pass. See below SSSS boarding card after security check is done A lot of the other SSSS boarding pass articles I read had made it seem that I would need much more time. This screen will take two days. Arms on the car and legs spread, please! ?‍♀️ ? Of course, it wasn't that bad at all and took maybe 5 minutes. I was ready to board by the boarding time, though the crew wasn't. ?‍♂

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An agent will stamp your boarding pass to let airline gate agents know that you have completed the required screening. Make sure they stamp your boarding pass. Otherwise, you will be flagged when you board, and TSA will have to come to the gate to deal with it. If you receive SSSS on your boarding pass, plan for the screening process to take 10. Though the code SSSS may have been used for some time, its use hit mainstream news in 2017. A TSA spokesperson explained to Business Insider in a statement at the time: SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and it appears on a passenger's boarding pass when they've been selected by TSA's Secure Flight system for enhanced. SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection. Although the SSSS is printed by the airline on your boarding pass. The decision to include you for secondary screening comes from the TSA's Secure Flight Program, developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to combat terrorism in the post-9/11 world of travel Your boarding pass is a bit like a lottery ticket when it comes to how much time you'll spend going through security. Get randomly assigned TSA PreCheck and you win! You'll fly through security. But if you get the dreaded SSSS mark on your boarding pass, expect your security check to be a lot more involved

Ah, the dreaded 'SSSS' printed on a boarding pass. The acronym stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and guarantees that you will receive extra attention at the security checkpoint. A full body pat down, piece-by-piece inspection of the contents of your carry-on and perhaps even an explosive trace detection (ETD) swab of your. If the TSA or an Airline designates you as a 'SSSS', you can print your boarding pass. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 18:26, 18 March 2015 (UTC) I have first-had experience where the airline refused to allow printing of an SSSS boarding pass at home or at an automated airport kiosk Practical Travel Safety and Security Issues - 'SSSS' on boarding pass - Originally Posted by exerda TSA was correct. If anything, the GA should have called for the TSA to come to the gate. Most GAs will just ignore it at that point. Just to be sure, the GA processed the standby, but then wouldn't board you two due t The letters SSSS stamped on a boarding pass leads to extra security checks and delays, as many airline passengers have discovered. The acronym stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection, and is part of the screening process enforced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Daily Mail observes

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SSSS. Gathered with fellow students from my program who were on the same connection as me, I asked if anyone else had issues with their boarding passes. One student, who had visited Turkey the same weekend as I was in Lebanon, told me he also received the SSSS designation Practical Travel Safety and Security Issues - 'SSSS' on boarding pass - Originally Posted by wanderer2017 I am planning to fly Norwegian Air from the US to Europe, but their website does not allow multi-city booking, which means I have to book a separate ticket for the return flight. I am guessing that this wil SSSS stands for 'Secondary Security Screening Selection', basically if you see this on your boarding pass, you will receive additional security throughout your time at the airport. When it comes to getting randomly selected, there are several myths and facts that are thrown around and most people don't know what in fact is true and what.

Recently, the something else has been due to SSSS on the boarding pass. Whenever this happens, it will add a minimum of an additional 15-25 minutes to one's security screening. What Does SSSS Mean. SSSS is short for Secondary Security Screen Selection or the quad as the TSA calls it. It is supposedly only for high-risk flyers If you see 'SSSS' on your boarding pass, that means that, unfortunately, you are required to partake in additional screening at security. The additional screening takes between 10 to 30 minutes, in which TSA agents may search your bags, pat you down, question you about your travel plans, and perform additional body scans Spotting the code 'SSSS' (pictured) on your boarding pass could throw a wrench in any traveller's plans 'bugs people' The Oscar nominee has been dating the Scrubs alum since August 2018 Just. SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and it appears on a passenger's boarding pass when they've been selected by TSA's Secure Flight system for enhanced security screening.

Once passengers have received their boarding pass, the letters, 'SSSS' will appear on the ticket. The letters stand for Secondary Security Screening Selection and is an additional level. If you have SSSS on your boarding pass, you will be sent to the room next to it and you and your bags will be searched. They won't neccesarily mark your boarding pass. At NRT, before boarding commences, your name will be called to report to the boarding desk where you will be asked to go to the room next to the gate to do these things

Boarding pass codes - what they mean and why SSSS is

12/04/2008 - The Dreaded SSSS On Your Boarding Pass. Many of you have experienced the joy of Secondary Security Screening Selection (SSSS), and for those who have not experienced it , you probably know someone who has, or have seen it while waiting in line for security Dave (and Judy), No, being Global Entry or TSA pre-check does not keep one from receiving the SSSS designation on his/her boarding pass. It's more random. Spouse and I are both Global Entry, and he received the SSSS on a boarding pass a few years ago connecting thru Canada on the way home to the US. We were told it is totally random Do you know what happens when you have SSSS on your Boarding Pass for a flight? Have you received the message: ''We can't check you in because government reg.. ULPT: Did you get the dreaded SSSS on your boarding pass? Just throw it away and pull up your boarding pass on your phone. Travel. Confirmed that this works just a few days ago. I went to the airline desk to check a bag and she printed me a paper boarding pass. I look at it on my way to TSA and notice she wrote SSSS on it Koodi SSSS viittaa lisätarkastukseen lentokentällä. Lentomatkustajan boarding pass eli tarkastuskortti pitää sisällään paljon infoa, jos sitä vain osaa lukea oikein - aivan kuten matkalaukkuihin kiinnitettävät tunnistetarratkin.. Toisinaan lentolippuusi saattaa olla piilotettuna myös ikävämpi yllätys, jota et mitä todennäköisimmin tunnista vaikka kuinka tavaisit.

SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection or Secondary Security Screening Selectee. When you're picked for this, you won't be able to print your boarding pass out at home or from. If you find 'SSSS' on your boarding pass at airports, good luck getting through customs. Comment Bradley Jolly Thursday 21 Sep 2017 12:09 pm I know anyone can get the SSSS on their boarding pass, but today my child got SSSS on his boarding pass and had to go through secondary screening. Wikipedia says that no minors are allowed on the list for SSSS. Samarkand, Uzbekistan travel in 2018 was one of the most unique and beautiful travels I've had. 1/9. Shah-i-Zinda. 6.0k. 96. I am a member of Air Canada's Million Mile club. I had SSSS on a boarding pass once. I had checked in online, selected that I was checking a bag, then changed my mind, unchecked in, re-checked in and selected no bags. And I received a notice that.

Last time I had the SSSS was a couple years ago. My flight was delayed so I did not go to the airport, then they un-delayed it. I cleared security on my original boarding pass, but just missed the flight. The gate agent gave me a new one with SSSS for the later flight, and I never exited security. When I was boarding, the scanner beeped Tidak hanya itu, pada boarding pass tersebut juga tertulis beragam kode yang memiliki artinya masing-masing.. Salah satu yang perlu diperhatikan adalah kode SSSS. Kode SSSS di Boarding Pass (Flickr/Andrei Zmievski) Bila kamu mendapati kode SSSS di pojok kanan bawah boarding pass mu, sebaiknya kamu lebih waspada.. Hal ini karena kode SSSS pada boarding pass adalah singkatan dari Secondary.

the longest part of the whole process was the CATSA folks looking for their rubber stamp so they could stamp my boarding pass to show I had cleared SSSS; I think this one was triggered by flying home from LAS landing at 6am, and then turning right around to go YYZ-SEA less than 12 hours later on a different airline, when I live here. That is a. SSSS on boarding pass. What SSSS On Your Boarding Pass Means, And Potential Fixes. February 2, 2018 September 8, 2020. Popular Posts. Hong Kong Is Opening For All Vaccinated Visitors, Kind Of! The Countries Where You'll Get The Most Bang For Your U.S. Dollar; So, When Can We Visit London & The UK Again SSSS isn't the only code used by the TSA on boarding passes. What seems like strings of random letters and numbers are anything but—and can actually reveal a lot about your upcoming trip

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Posted on April 24, 2018; Invitations Template Boarding Pass Template Invitation Train. boarding pass, boarding pass individualisieren, boarding pass ssss, boarding pass vorlage zum ausdrucken, boarding pass auf dem handy, boarding pass vorlage word, boarding pass zum selber ausf llen, boarding pass ausdrucken lufthansa, boarding pass als. SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and it appears on a passenger's boarding pass when they've been selected by TSA's Secure Flight system for enhanced security. Either way, I showed up at the airport in Cancun, got my SSSS boarding pass and proceeded through security. In the U.S., they pull you aside and search literally every corner of your baggage and they screen your body multiple times (because everyone knows that is the best way to catch a bad guy) The SSSS Boarding Pass Designation. Lately I've been thinking a lot about travel. I first left the United States of America in 2018. Read more. Ben Testani in I've Ben Thinking. Jun 21 He also put SSSS on my boarding pass. I was most happy to let the TSA guy check my dirty skivvies for skid marks since I did get back to Tacoma without buying another ticket. Cheers: Paul N1431A 2AZ1 www.indianhillsairpark.com . Last edited: Oct 18, 2009. pmanton, Oct 18, 2009 #9. sba55 En-Route. Joined: May 12, 2007 Messages

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Travelersr who do not have a TSA PreCheck® boarding pass must go through standard security lanes or apply. Why did I get SSSS? SSSS is the universal air travel symbol for a slightly longer day of flying ahead, because you've been flagged for additional security screening Yakni kode SSSS. TRIBUNNEWS.COM - Ketika traveler hendak naik pesawat terbang, pasti diharuskan untuk melakukan boarding pass saat check in. Boarding pass biasanya berisi informasi seperti nama. Web: www.fishfotoworldwide.com-- E-Mail: fish@fishfoto.com 12/04/2008 - The Dreaded SSSS On Your Boarding Pass Many of you have experienced the joy of Secondary Security Screening Selection (SSSS), and for those who have not experienced it , you probably know someone who has, or have seen it while waiting in line for security An example of boarding pass being printed with SSSS. SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection; if this, or *S* is printed on your boarding card, it means that you have been selected for more screening/questioning than other travelers. There seem to be all kinds of reasons that can get you an SSSS mark from prior travel to. Why you never want to see 'SSSS' on your boarding pass. AOL.com Editors. September 21, 2017, 12:05 PM

SSSS Boarding Pass: Delta Airlines' Response. The Delta representative, whose English I barely understood, indicated that I should anticipate nothing additional at the airport. I clarified this with my OCD level of interrogation several times and then let it go. I slept normally that night and did not let pre-travel anxiety get the best of me A fourth size—a massive 7 5/8 x 55 salomon—was added near the end of 2018, and then in the spring of 2019, Up Down took delivery of the 5 1/2 x 42 corona. Cigar Reviewed: Hamlet 25th Year Corona Country of Origin: Nicaragua Factory: Tabacalera Villa Cuba S.A. Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano) Binder: U.S.A. (Pennsylvania Broadleaf) Filler: Honduras & Nicaragua.

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China now tells U.S. airlines whether or not China-bound U.S. citizens are allowed to board their planes. What's new is an Interactive Advanced Passenger Information system (iAPI) that airlines are using to ask the Chinese government for permission to allow each of its passengers onto its China-bound flights. This system will also be used to determine whether a passenger is allowed to leave China I drew the dreaded SSSS boarding pass and so my ticket was checked prior to Zone 1 being called but I boarded after a number of others as my additional security screening to some time. Our plane was registered as B-16727; serial number was 43291. KévinDC — TEAM SILVER 5430 Comments 2018-11-23 14:19:29 When it came time to hand over my boarding pass and ID, the agent highlighted the SSSS at the top of my boarding pass, shouted that he had a Quad — someone with an SSSS on their boarding pass, apparently — and yelled for a supervisor to come over. He then told me to wait next to the podium and proceeded to ignore me as he continued processing other passengers But, SSSS on your boarding pass could result in a more thorough search of your luggage, additional body scans, more questions, swabs for dangerous or prohibited materials, and full-body pat down by a security officer. Advertisement: A necessary inconvenience. Image: Pixabay. The prospect of enhanced screening and even a pat-down might be daunting

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You cannot beat a direct flight, especially when returning from a trip such as this. The alternatives would have put me back in Dallas after midnight. The direct flight saved me nearly 16 hours. The fiasco at check-in and the SSSS boarding pass were minor in retrospect, just people doing their jobs. The seat was not bad for the 11 hour flight Travellers with SSSS printed on their boarding pass have been selected for extra security screening by airport security. This means measures such as searched of hand luggage, pat-downs and being subject to scanners. Passengers will be swabbed for residue of illegal substances - such as drugs or explosives.. A spokesman for the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) told Business Insider in a statement: SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection and it appears on a passenger's boarding pass when they've been selected by TSA's Secure Flight system for enhanced security screening. Secure Flight is a risk-based passenger prescreening program that enhances security by.

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An SSSS on a boarding pass can mean one of a few things. It could mean the traveler's name appears on an FBI counterterrorism list, or it could mean a passenger has booked a last-minute flight and is thus deemed high-risk. It may also mean nothing at all, as a certain percentage of people are randomly assigned the four letters.. Today, the SSSS code is printed on travelers' boarding passes if they appear on an FBI counterterrorism watchlist called the Selectee List, England said. Others are assigned the SSSS. #SSSS on my boarding pass. Random secondary screening? #FlyingWhileBrown. #FlyingWhileMuslim — M. Askari Chandoo (@mixmastermo) July 22, 2011 The list is kept secret by the TSA and there is no way to check if you are on it, but buying tickets with cash or regularly buying one-way tickets could flag you as a potential security threat BOARDING passes that contain a secret code of SSSS on them really have this hidden meaning that isn't known to passengers. By Kara Godfrey PUBLISHED: 11:56, Thu, Sep 21, 201 Four letters you DON'T want to see on your boarding pass - Daily Star. Moment gigantic crocodile swallows shark in one bite in terrifying scenes. Remarkable pictures show the 1,500-pound crocodile rising up and sinking its jaws into the 100-pound baby bull shark during the horrifying encounter in the east of Australia

There isn't much public information available to how the TSA qualifies someone as SSSS, but if you've seen the code pop up on your boarding pass more than a couple of times, you can contact the TSA and appeal their decision to have you placed on the list SSSS; Welcome to Airline Pilot Forums - Connect and get the inside scoop on Airline Companies If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. Join our community today and start interacting with existing members. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free Another way to find yourself on the SSSS list is to be Gerry Adams, president of Irish republican party, Sinn Fein, who last month posted a picture of his SSSS-marked boarding pass to Twitter SSSS on my boarding pass: I flew from London to Chicago on Friday, with an onward connection. The flight was late leaving London, so I missed my connection in Chicago. After I got through Immigration & Customs, I had to go to the ticket counter & get on the next flight & have my bag rechecked. I didn't notice until I was going back through. The mysterious 'SSSS' code you NEVER want to see on your boarding card before flying By Brianne Tolj For Daily Mail Australia 01:23 21 Sep 2017, updated 22:37 21 Sep 2017 2.2k share

For example, you might constantly receive SSSS on your boarding pass and be forced to be searched in a special security area before boarding. Here are a few other situations, based on DHS recommendations, when you might need a redress number: You were not able to print a boarding pass onlin Not only was I thrown off by the WMTM silences before and after Black Friday, we can blame my SSSS boarding pass, flight delayed, lost luggage adventure from last Tuesday for sucking up all my energy. 5 Faves & a Dud: 12/10/19 Edition [Read my 2018 review] Favorite #2: Find Your Feeling Long Sleeve ($78) in Angel Wing Arti Kode Rahasia di Borading Pass, Hati-hati yang Berkode SSSS Boarding pass tidak hanya menyimpan informasi mengenai calon penumpang saja, tapi juga menyimpan sejumlah kode rahasia. Selasa, 4 Mei 2021 20:45. Editor: Mansur Amirullah. lihat foto. int. Ilustrasi boarding pass

I would hope that any passenger who gets their boarding pass at the airport with the SSSS and then does not get on the flight would be flagged and scrutinized. Of course there are the evildoers that may try to get through security as they think they can get away with it -- prisons are full of such people The 'SSSS' on your boarding pass stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection, and it is every bit as fun as it sounds (read: not at all fun) The back of the garment includes a reinterpreted patch of Rastah's very first design that was released three years ago - The Mughal Horseback, along with an SSSS BOARDING PASS patch *THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION PIECE THAT WILL NOT BE MADE AGAIN ONCE SOLD OUT* slightly oversized fit 450 GSM 80% cotton and 20% polyester fleece fabri Is she nicely built? I've noticed when the TSA isn't harassing grannies and special needs kids, they're singling out the hotties. TSA only harasses.. Airport Travel Tips: 20 Things to Know Before You Fly. Post author: admin Post published: April 28, 2021 Post category: Videos Video

Did you get the SSSS boarding pass? Prepare for extra screening Be nice, they are just doing their job. 14 - Check the airport monitor again - and regularly. 15 - Fill up your water bottle, buy food. 16 - Go to the restroom. 17 - Lots of time before you flight? Relax in the lounge Go for a walk. 18 - Get to your gate 15 minutes. By Ralph Ellis. May 25, 2020 -- The nation is reopening from the coronavirus shutdown as Memorial Day and the summer travel season approach. If you head to the airport soon, be prepared to scan your own boarding pass and put carry-on food into plastic bags for inspection.. The Transportation Security Administration is updating security procedures at checkpoints in an attempt to reduce the. I was denied boarding. I was subjected to additional pre-board screening by officials/agents when going through an airport security checkpoint. I was delayed by an official/agent during my travel experience. I received an SSSS on my boarding pass. I was unable to print a boarding pass/directed to ticket counter Bila kamu mendapati kode SSSS di pojok kanan bawah boarding pass mu, sebaiknya kamu was-was dan berwaspada.. Hal ini karena kode SSSS pada boarding pass adalah singkatan dari Secondary Security Screening Selection (SSSS) yang berarti kamu harus siap menerima pemeriksaan keamanan tambahan yang lebih ketat.. Biasanya kode SSSS pada boarding pass tersebut akan dijumpai pada penumpang yang akan. It had been so many years since I had last seen the SSSS that I just figured it wasn't being utilized anymore. But then two months ago when non-reving back to the states from Europe on a US carrier, I got an SSSS boarding card. Had to receive additional screening at the gate itself

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9. Re: British Airways Check In. In my instance it was due to me being pre-selected for additional security checks at Heathrow along with approx a dozen others, mine was a long haul flight though.. If you fly to the USA you can encounter the dreaded SSSS enhanced screening, which requires a paper boarding pass We analyze 450,000 new fares - every day and find the best deals with our 365-day analysis for you. We have divided the world into 11 departure regions that you can choose from and you can expect about 200-300 new deals (per departure region) every day in your inbox Sunday was the first time I didn't get the dreaded SSSS mark on my boarding pass after 5 times getting it since my trip to a, let's say unique, country in December. SSSS is bad news (it stands for Secondary Security Screening Selectee), and it means you get a very thorough search by the TSA. I was glad to be spared this time I had the SSSS on my boarding pass out of Detroit traveling with AA. The TSA agent told me your airline requested additional security. I had a few SSSS boarding passes in the last few years twice with BA on LHR-ORD and of all carriers Etihad traveling ORD-AUH. the TSA agent attributed that to my asking for a seat assignment change at check in

As the TSO opened the side compartment of the bag, out fluttered three boarding passes, all with SSSS on them. SSSS stands for Secondary Security Screening Selectiongiven either randomly to passengers or assigned based on their ticket (such as odd one-way routings). In June I flew from the LA to Germany via Honolulu, Tokyo, and Chicago (that. An ssss on a boarding pass means extra security checks, seeing as that is what happened to me and every other person who writes about the ssss online. 1:11 PM Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Christopher Soghoian, Ph.D. is a Washington, DC based privacy and security researcher. He is the Principal. London in Spring- Places to See. With so many extra hours in a day, it's a good thing there is a lot to do. And, the beauty of it is, generally kids are in school most of Spring so the crowds in London are a bit lighter Boarding pass memiliki beberapa rahasia kode yang tertulis dalam huruf maupun angka. Dilansir dari TribunTravel, berikut enam rahasia kode boarding pass yang wajib traveler ketahui. 1. Kode Bar. Di dalam boarding pass pasti ada yang namanya kode bar. Garis-garis magnetik ini akan dipindai di setiap gate Canada's Flair Will Offer A 90 Day Flight Pass For Just $500. Flair Airlines, a Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier, has announced a new 'all you can fly' pass. The pass, to be offered throughout the spring, costs from under $500 and allows travel for 90 days from February 13th to May 13 th, 2020. Flair Airlines has launched an unlimited.

American demanded 'some' form of ID. I didnt' want to argue too much, so I whipped out a credit card and my Bloomingfoods Organic Food Co-Op membership card, gave it to the agent, and then she printed me out a special SSSS boarding pass - AA is high tech, and doesn't seem to resort to sharpie pens. The fun started once I got to the TSA checkpoint Jobs & Careers. Jobs Details: Earn 60,000 75,000 Membership Rewards points.Terms Apply. New Welcome Offer: Earn 10x points at U.S. Gas Stations and U.S. Supermarkets (on up to $15,000 in combined purchases) during your first 6 months of Card Membership Airport Travel Tips: 20 Things to Know Before You Fly. Post author: admin Post published: March 3, 2021 Post category: Videos Video Europe - The most touristy weekend possible in Rome - I went to see a friend last weekend in Rome and decided that I needed to see all of the traditional sites once again. As an airline employee.

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Then after making it through 80% of the time with the SSSS Stamps on my boarding passes I would just go over to the Wendy's and grab a couple more plastic knives. A market-weighted index of top 100 ESG companies outperformed SP500 by +5.4% in 2018, +4.4% in 2019, +6.9% in 2020; equal-weight results were mixed. Top 5: BBY, A, ECL, ADSK, VOYA. We flew Princess Class on United in the upgraded Polaris product. Love it. B-Class also gets Fast Track thru security at a Heathrow. I got the dreadful SSSS boarding pass. I was randomly selected for additional screening. It's such a hassle. I am already busting out of my luggage and can't get everything put back together

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