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Sermon Delivered on Easter Sunday April 20, 2104 By Rev. Donna L. Martin I want to welcome each and every one of you for coming to celebrate Easter here at Bethany. Now I know some of you came today just because it is Easter, and that's just what you do on Easter - go to church. Some o NOTE: This sample sermon is in PDF format. When you invest in the Expository Sermon Collection, you will receive your document(s) in both PDF and Microsoft Word format so they can be easily edited. Results of the Resurrection Acts 1:1-11 INTRODUCTION: 1. If Christ had not been raised. When Jesus Christ lay-dead in the tomb, a darkness as dense. This is why we gather in worship at Easter, to rejoice that the One who bolsters us and holds us together in our times of pain, our times of trial and our times of grief, will resurrect us to new life in God's eternal realm. NOTES 1. Brian Blount, Invasion of the Dead: Preaching Resurrection, (Louisville: John Knox Press, 2014), p. 41 SERMON NOTES Sunday, March 31, 2013 WHY EASTER MATTERS (Matthew 28:1-10) WHAT DOES THE RESURRECTION MEAN? 1. Jesus is who He claimed to be. I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live even though He dies (John 11:25, NASB). I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Fathe

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  1. Digital Sermon Notes. Sermon Note Archive. May 24, 2020 (AM) May 17, 2020 (AM) May 10, 2020 (AM) May 3, 2020 (PM) May 3, 2020 (AM) April 26, 2020 (AM) April 19, 2020 (AM
  2. Our Pastor Bro. Ron Harvey has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministries from Mid-South Bible College and a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree from Cecil C. Humphries School of Law at the University of Memphis. He practiced law for 22 years and was a Professor of Mass Media Law at the University of Memphis for 10 years. He has been our Pastor since January 1, 2012
  3. Get your free sermon outlines and teaching notes from Dr. Tony Evans. Feel free to use these teaching materials for sermon preparation, bibles studies, or simply for personal study. In the sermon outlines below you will find resources such as a message goal, detailed sermon points, illustrations, background, history, and applicable quotes
  4. Here are eighteen Easter sermons. You are welcome to use this material in any way that might be helpful to you as you prepare your heart for the celebration of our Lord's resurrection from the dead
  5. Download and read Pastor John's sermon outlines. This BibleGateway.com widget is provided as an educational resource only

3. Announce the birth of John the Baptist - Luke 1. 4. Announce the conception of Christ - Luke 1:11. 5. Announce the birth of Christ - Luke 2:8-14. It seems that when God has an announcement of extreme importance, He often sends that message through an angel. From reading the Bible, it kind of makes you wonder if angels ever get a day off 2021 Sermon Notes (Jan-Aug) 2018 Message Notes; 2019 Message Notes (Jan-Aug) 2019 Message Notes (Sept-Dec) 2020 Message Notes (Jan - Aug) 2020 Sermon Notes (Sept - Dec) 4-21 Easter Sunday - I Am Spirit.pdf 4-28 I Am Not Condemned.pdf . May. 5-5 Breaking the Power of Condemnation.pdf Sermon Files (Pdf) Click on desired file to open file in a new window and read sermon of that date. This file can also be downloaded from that new Pdf window. 2021-06-23 — 9 - THE GIFT OF COMPASSION -MERCY 6-23-2021. 2021=06-20 — IN THE IMAGE OF GOD — FATHERS DAY 2021. 2021-06-16 — 8 - THE GIFT OF THE LEADER — ADMINISTRATOR

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Sermon Outlines. Easter Sunday. Mark 15:1-15. By: Jamie Leal. Here on my right side, I have Jesus, The King of the Jews, who is known for healing, delivering, and ministering to the multitudes and here on my left side, I have Barabbas, the prisoner,. 21 Sermons By Evangelist Billy Sunday With Biography, Photos, Newspaper Articles, and More Compiled From Internet Resources by Bennie P. Blount Table of Contents 1. Atonement Through the Blood of Jesus 12. Backsliding 2. Booze 13. The Curse of Liquor! 3. Broken Down Altars 14. The Devil's Boomerangs! 4. Dancing, Drinking, Card Playing 15. aside time in the weeks leading up to Easter to study the Scriptures and meditate on all Jesus has done for us, personalizing it in their hearts and lives. After all, his love changes everything! Each sermon outline in this booklet is accompanied by a set of questions suitable for sparking discussion among the adults or youth in your church Watch. Sermon Notes Download and print notes from Dr. Stanley's latest messages.; This Week on TV Miss Dr. Stanley's weekly sermon? Watch the full sermon on demand, anytime! Faith Stories Discover how people like you are growing and discipling others with the help of Dr. Stanley's messages.; Listen. Today on Radio Listen to today's radio message from Dr. Charles Stanley

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  1. As a part of the effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19, a collection of CBC's sermon notes may be found here. All notes are in PDF form. June. June 14, 2020 - God's Thinking Cap. June 7, 2020 - Sermon Outline Why the Church is So Broken. May. May 31, 2020 - Why the Church is So Holy. May 24, 2020 - Why the Church is So Essentia
  2. ion, and hands the kingdom over to God the Father (vv. 24-27). Everything is under the authority of Christ because of the resurrection
  3. Easter Sermons. From Tom Walker, D.D. This is a picture of the Garden Tomb where Christ was laid. You can see the place where His body was laid. He is not there! He is risen! Some of these outlines are full sermons while others. are merely sermon starters. Blessings From The Resurrection
  4. Tagged Sermons on Easter. If you're looking for more sermon ideas on Easter, be sure to head over to SermonSearch.com to find 100's of Easter sermons to help you out! Belief In the Resurrection. C.H. Spurgeon He is risen. — Mark 16:6 OUR Lord always told his disciples that he would rise
  5. 11-04-18- 2 Timothy 4:1-8- What It Means To Follow JesusPDF File. 10-28-18- Romans 5:8- Have You Lost That Loving Feeling? PDF File
  6. Full Text Sermons. The documents on this page are to be used as seed thoughts for sermon and study ideas. These are the seedlings that must be grown in the privacy of your own study. Emphasized text shows the latest additions. Click on the document title to view or download a Microsoft Word document. Click on the PDF icon in the last column.
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Easter's Life Changing Message 1 Corinthians 15:12-20 Next week, many will be celebrating what is known as Easter, which is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, not about a bunny and lays eggs. Easter, that is, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is the greatest event of all time Easter Sermon Notes Author: Hailey Kutch Keywords: DAD4zeoqg1Y,BACdGiOwdMQ Created Date: 4/9/2020 9:51:33 PM. Sermon Notes April 12, 2020 Easter Sunday Lost & Found - The Prodigal Son: Welcome Home All of us have ____ _____ in some fashion during the course of our lives. This is a story of a son who wanted _____ _____ to do with his father

Microsoft Word - EASTER SERMON.docx Created Date: 20180326181026Z. Sermon Notes Easter Sunday - April 4, 2021 Providence Presbyterian Church Virginia Beach, VA 23464 www.provpres.org Death Has Been Conquered Mark 16:1-8 1. Death has been swallowed up in victory. 2. Easter represents hope 3. Easter is an affirmation of Christ's presence in our lives After Easter By Brother Parrish Lee. April 27 th, 2014. Click here to download printable sermon notes in pdf format.. What an awesome, wonderful time to gather together, look at each other, and say, This is the day that the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalms 118:24) Who is like unto our God? As you see, our Scripture verse for the month is from the Book of John.

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  1. SERMON: I'm not going to have you turn to any particular scripture right now because I'm going to quote a lot of scriptures today. As I've said already, I'm excited about the opportunity to share with you this Easter Sunday morning. Easter is a great time in Christianity-the day that we celebrate the Resurrected Savior. Isn't that.
  2. Easter 2021 - Lazarus Come Forth! 04/04/2021 . Audio MP3 & Sermon Notes PDF: Jesus The Great! 2021 Series Feb.21 - March 28. Audio MP3 & Sermon Notes PDF: January 2021 Series: A Faith That Makes A Difference Audio MP3 & Sermon Notes PDF: There Is No Plan B: 12/27/2020 AM. Audio MP3 & Sermon Notes PDF: Sermon Video
  3. The message of Easter: [A new window will open. Rate this sermon from 1 to 5 'stars' with just a click, then close.] Grace Notes Sermon Ministry: Subscribe for free Learn More . NOTICE! Our sermons are free to download, copy and paste, edit and use as you see fit...but only our free subscribers get the newest messages, featured sermons, and.
  4. Visit the J. C. O'Hair Online Library at https://bereanbiblesociety.org/j-c-ohair-online-library/ LESSON 73 SECURE IN CHRIST.....9
  5. NOTES for PREACHING | 3rd Sunday of Easter 2 5. The Old Testament story which runs from Genesis to the Messiah is tied together in Moses (the Law, Torah), the prophets, and the writings (especially Psalms). N.T. Wright has a great phrase for this: the single-plan-of-God-through-Israel
  6. NOTES for PREACHING | Easter Sunday 2 risen Lord on the road to Damascus. Paul also used the same word in 1 Corinthians 4:1 in describing himself as servants and stewards of the mysteries of God. Interestingly the footnote indicates that this word is from the medical field.ii c. In Luke 1:3 he used another word found in the medical field.
  7. Sermon Outlines In The Book Of Psalms Walking With God Through The Psalms Psalm 1:1,2 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night

Sermon notes. Notes for Sunday 6/27/21: What Do You Really Want - notes.pdf. Notes for Sunday 6/20/21: Unshakeable - notes.pdf. Notes for Sunday 6/13/21: The Power of Persistence - notes.pdf. Notes for Sunday 6/6/21: How to Pray for Anyone and Everyone - notes.pdf Him, and serve and love others, because we believe Easter happened! We are a collection of broken people discovering the healing offered by a Risen Jesus. We invite you to join us too. EASTER MORNING . SELECTED PORTIONS OF THE SERMON PASSAGE: JOHN 20:1-22 . 1. (JOHN 20:1-10) 1. Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tom The Way Up Is Down (James 4:10) Good Friday: Man of Sorrows - Isaiah 53:1-6. Easter Sunday: Afraid of Death No More (Hebrews 2:14-15) Desperately Seeking Jesus (Matthew 28:1-10) Easter, Death and Taxes (Romans 6:23) Easter Fools Day (Psalm 53:1) Footrace to the Tomb (John 20:1-9

Sermon for Easter Sunday - Christ Episcopal Church. Sermon for Easter Sunday, 2012, Year A John 20:1-18 Good Morning! This day is a great occasion. It is the celebration of all celebrations, the feast. [Filename: 11SG0424.pdf] - Read File Online - Report Abuse. Series Title The Journey (Easter) Outlines KJV Sermon Outlines. The Resurrection . 1 Corinthians 15:12 - 19 I heard about a grandfather who wanted to see how much his four-year-old granddaughter knew about the Easter story. He put her on his lap and asked, Julie, why do we celebrate Easter? Without hesitating, she said, Jesus was crucified A Proper Response To A Proper Sermon — Acts 2: 37-41. The Church After Pentecost — Acts 2: 42-47. The Blessings and Power of Commitment — Acts 3: 1-10. The Crowd That Gathered — Acts 3: 11-18. The Restoration of Israel As A Nation — Acts 3: 19-26. Being Grieved By Preaching — Acts 4: 1-4. There Is None Other Name — Acts 4: 5-1 Let our Top 10 Easter sermons fuel your own creativity as you prepare to preach on the resurrection of Jesus. Each sermon our editor has chosen serves as a model of preaching excellence. These Easter sermons also feature an array of Scripture texts and a diverse gallery of preaching voices—Tim Keller, N.T. Wright

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20190403 Midweek Lent John 4 Woman at the Well Pastor Carol Fryer. pdf. 20190331 Lent 5C Sermon by Pastor Caleb Douglas. pdf. 20190327a Midweek Lent Annunciation of Our Lord Sermon by Lynnae Douglas. pdf. 20190324 Lent 3C, Sermon. pdf. 20190320 Midweek Lent 2, John Ch 5 Vs 1-9, Pastor Gregory P Fryer HE IS RISEN! Lk. 24: 1-6; 36-39. INTRODUCTION. A. HUMOR. 1. A Romanian woman fainted when she opened her front door and found her husband standing there. The Romanian weekly, Tinerama, says it all started when a man named Neagu choked on a fishbone, stopped breathing, and collapsed. 2 Easter Sunday Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. -Psalm 23:4 God is with us. God protects us and God comforts us. APRIL 12, 2020 • 11:00 AM Pastor Stephen Cutchins Testing Positive for Faith AT FIRST BAPTIST NORTH AUGUST

Easter sermon: A Walk from the Resurrection - Luke 24. by Rick Ezell on Wednesday, January 01, 2014 at 7:00 AM. Easter is the central event of the Christian faith, yet it has become commonplace for many believers. This sermon will encourage the hearers to look once again at Jesus and to have their hearts touched by the triumph of his resurrection Sermon Notes Life is Precious | Dr. Ed Newton | 7.11.2021Sermon Notes PDFBulletin PDF Honor Your Parents | Dr. Ed Newton | 7.4.2021Sermon Notes PDFBulletin PDF Closed on Sunday | Dr. Ed Newton | 6.20.2021Sermon Notes PDFBulletin PDF More than a Name | Dr. Ed Newton | 6.20.2021Sermon Notes PDFBulletin PDF No More Idols |.. 3 Ready-to-Preach Easter Sermons to Engage Listeners. No doubt about it. Your Easter sermon is one of the key messages you'll preach this year. If your church is like most, you'll see the highest number of visitors you'll have all year long, be that in person or virtually via live streaming. Better yet, many of these visitors aren't. Our sermon ideas for Easter will help you preach a powerful message on the good news and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Look through our sermons for Easter to find great encouragement as you begin to prepare your Easter sermon. Prepare your message celebrating the resurrection of Christ for Easter with sermon outlines or an entire sermon series

people set aside time in the weeks leading up to Easter to study the Scriptures and meditate on all Jesus has done for us, personalizing it in their hearts and lives. Each sermon outline in this booklet is accompanied by a set of questions suitable for sparking discussion among the adults or youth in your church Easter Outlines. Coming Soon. Funeral Outlines. Ron B's DEATH THE FUNERAL OF MARGARET C This note will be displayed at bottom of your sermon note when you save to pdf or email them. Part 2 - Nicodemus. Archived - March 14, 2021. View This Week's Note View All Past Notes View This Note w/ Blanks. Easter Eye Witness Part 2 - Nicodemus March 14, 2021 Click to save a copy of the filled-in notes to a PDF file on your. Series: Easter 2021. April 4, 2021. Dr. Clayton Chisum. Happy Easter! Today we remember and celebrate that Jesus rose from the grave. This event changes everything! Luke 24:1-6 (ESV) #1. He is . He is ! These words spoken by the angel have shattered, transformed, and altered history. First, the angels made a big announcement when Jesus was born

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Empty Tomb—Promise Delivered - Easter Sunday Sermon. 04/22/11. Dr. Phil Newton. Titus 2:11-14. Good Friday Sermon. 04/04/10. Dr. Phil Newton. John 20:11-18. Encountering the Risen Christ - Easter Sunday Sermon Dramatic scenes from History Channel's The Bible shown during the sermon included a part of the crucifixion, the discovery of a risen Jesus, and Jesus talking to the disciples after his resurrection. Warren outlined the six benefits along with Bible verses during the rest of his sermon. The fill-ins for the sermon notes: 1 This free Easter sermon series includes: — 3 sermon outlines (editable) — Small group discussion guides for each sermon — Bible reading plans for each sermon. This sermon series is featured in the CIRCLES curriculum: A Years Worth of Free Sermon Series, Small Groups & Devotionals for Youth Ministry Sermons Miscellaneous Sermon Outlines This material is from ExecutableOutlines.com, a web site containing sermon outlines and Bible studies by Mark A. Copeland. Visit the web site to browse or download additional material for church or personal use. The outlines were developed in the course of my ministry as a preacher of the gospel

St. Paul Baptist Church. 3996 14th Avenue, Sacramento, CA US 95820. info@stpaulsac.org 916-737-7070 Sunday worship service at 10:00 AM (On-line) & Wednesday Bible Study at 12 Noon (On-line) SERMON NOTES: For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. — John 3:17 (NIV) But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. — Romans 5:8 (NLT) The cross symbolizes crazy love and scandalous grace. Because of Easter, you have 3 promises. 1 Easter 2021 Complete Sermon Notes Author: Melissa Rhea Keywords: DAEaA9GQXiY,BACI1RJ9CGM Created Date: 4/2/2021 9:29:31 PM. Easter is Everything Notes John 20:11-18 Rev. Brian Bill April 3-4, 2021 Main Point: Because Easter is everything, Jesus must be everything to you. Q: Who or what is your ? John 8:36: So if the Son sets you free, you will be indeed • Is the Lamb Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain Rev 5:6 NIV • For ever To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glor

Easter Sunrise Service April 8, 2012 Providence United Methodist Church Gathering in the light of the New Fire Silence and Waiting Song He is Lord ~ arr. Tom Fettke He is Lord, He is Lord. He has risen from the dead, and He is Lord Ev'ry knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord Scripture John 20:1-1 Sermon Notes. Sermon Notes admin 2019-12-12T00:11:19+00:00. 2015 Sermons. I Am the Image of God. I Have Rights. Sermons. This opens in a new window. Series Living in Love Ready for a Restart Easter 2021 Good Friday 2021 Like Jesus WOW 2021 Calm in Chaos Advent 2020 Thanksliving Undaunted The Way Forward The Lord's Prayer There is Hope Easter 2020 Good Friday 2020 Shelter Rhythm How to Really Love Santa Cruz 2020 WOW 2020 Habits of the Heart Expectations.

FINISH: You're Not Done Until You're Done: - Dr. David Jeremiah. INVEST: Outlive Your Life: - Dr. David Jeremia Great Hills Baptist Church is called by God to serve Austin and beyond by sharing the gospel of Christ, making disciples, and loving our community so well that we reflect God and bring Him praise. God put Great Hills in a strategic location to worship Him (make Him our greatest focus), make disciples (form Him in our lives), and impact others around us (share His love in word and deed) Finding inner strength (PDF) Dealing with fear and anxiety (PDF) Loneliness (PDF) Beware of hypocrisy (PDF) Blessed are the meek (PDF) We have hundreds more printable sermons, along with other resources for school, home, and worship, on our New Church Vineyard website at www.newchurchvineyard.org. You can narrow your search there by various. Thank you for downloading Sermons for Holy Week and Easter 2021, a collection of materials prepared by some of the best preachers from across The Episcopal Church. Sermons That Work, a ministry of The Episcopal Church's Office of Communication, has provided free and high-quality sermons, Bible studies, and bulletin inserts since 1995 Sermon Outlines for the Meat and Potato Man PLEASE NOTE: I do not claim originality of all outlines. After preaching for over 40 years, I have accumulated many notes from various sources. I have tried to give credit where credit is due, but if I have failed to recognize the true author; I truly apologize

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  1. Empty Tomb—Promise Delivered - Easter Sunday Sermon. 04/22/11. Dr. Phil Newton. Titus 2:11-14. Good Friday Sermon. 04/04/10. Dr. Phil Newton. John 20:11-18. Encountering the Risen Christ - Easter Sunday Sermon
  2. Faith Family and Easter Sermon Notes Name: _____ Date: _____ Parent Signature: _____ Guide: _____ How I Found My Story in God's Story 1. How have you found God's story in your story this week? Think about how He has blessed you, answered one of your prayers, or used you to do good. 2..
  3. SERMON OUTLINE From I AM, chapter 6* I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE (JOHN 11:17-44) Jesse C Middendorf *Italicized text is quoted directly from chapter 6. Bulleted text represents additional talking points. From magnificent cathedrals in bustling cities to humble homes in remote mountains and deserts, the greeting is the same: He is.
  4. 04-25 Sermon Notes PDF. 04-18 Sermon Notes PDF. 04-11 Sermon Notes PDF. 04-04 Sermon Notes PDF. Other Publications: Sermons Online Directory Ministry Catalog Library Catalog Bulletins Business Meeting Reports Forms. I'm New! Our Church Our Team Our Ministrie
  5. ister to you. Indicates the newest message (Easter Sunday) Solution to a 'Grave' Problem! - John. 20:1-31 (Easter Sunday) Sonrise In The Mourning Brings An End To A Grave Problem! - Luke 24:1-53 (Easter Sunday
  6. Sermons: Year B On this page, you will see all of our Year B sermons, organized by the liturgical occasion and season of the Church year. Click on the blue boxes for all of the sermons for a given observance going back to 1996. Advent is the first season of the church year, beginning with the [
  7. Sermon Notes September 8, 2019 (Men's Day) Scripture: Job 1:6-8,12,20-22 & 42:12a. Subject: A Setback, God's Setup for a Comeback. Very often in life we ask the question, why me? Especially when we are going through hard times, adversities and things that we don't understand while trying to live right as children of God. God never.

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List of articles in category SERMON OUTLINES; Title Author Hits; STANDING ON HOLY GROUND Written by Michael J. Davis Hits: 2644 PURER IN HEART Written by Michael J. Davis Hits: 1769 HELL AND WHO IS GOING THERE Written by Michael J. Davis Hits: 1810 CAST NOT AWAY YOUR CONFIDENC Easter Sermons » SEE SERMONS IN THIS SERIES. Easter And The Secular Mind Acts 25-26. Easter Questions Luke 24:1-12. What Difference Does Easter Make? Various. The Easter Conspiracy Matthew 28:11-15. The Supreme Question of Easter John 11:25-26. The Rising of the Rejected Stone Acts 4:8-12 & 1 Peter 2:4 You may order any of these soul-stirring sermons on CD or DVD. CD's are $ 12.00 - DVD's are $15.00 Once again, we thank you for your support. We appreciate you, your love and your prayers. The Blessings of the Lord be upon you; We Bless You in the name of the Lord Bountiful Blessings Inc. P.O. Box 1 Memphis, TN 38101 1-800-544-357 SermonSearch.com is an online resource for sermon outlines and preaching ideas. We offer 30,000+ outlines and 10,000+ free sermon illustrations from top Christian pastors and communicators. You'll write powerful and fresh messages every week with our preparation tools on a number of sermon topics, including expository preaching

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Sermons. R.C. Sproul was the founding pastor of Saint Andrew's Chapel in Sanford, Fla. Freely listen to hundreds of his sermons. Topics. All. The Trinity. The Nature of God. God's Holiness. God's Glory. God's Grace Your Easter sermon is an important part of your Easter preparations. For many churches, Easter is the highest attended service of the year. According to an article from Pew Research Center, More Americans search [the internet] for church around Easter than at any other time. With the potential of a large attendance, and more unsaved ears to hear it, your Easter Sermon is all the. Sermons, Outlines & Other Studies Sermons PowerPoint Sermons Jump to this page if you are interested in PowerPoint Sermons that we have available on CD and have preached over the last couple of years.. Faith A PowerPoint sermon. The zip file contains the sermon manuscript in Word Perfect format and also MS Word format, and a slide listing file 1) The word Easter is found only once in the KJV Bible - cf. Ac 12:4 2) The word in the Greek is actually Passover, and so translated elsewhere in the KJV 3) It is reasonably certain that the NT contains no reference to a YEARLY celebration of the resurrection of Christ (ISBE) b Easter: Believing is Seeing: Doubting Thomas Believes John 20:1-10, 19-31. William Lee Kinney. Believing in God is seeing God as He really is. Faith in Christ is more than mere intellectual assent. According to this Easter sermon, it is believing with the fullness of your being; with the heart and soul, body and mind

Read Matthew 27:32-35. 1. Discipleship. As they were going out, they found a man from Cyrene named Simon, whom they forced to carry Jesus' cross. ( Matthew 27:32) A. The Bible doesn't reveal much about the identity of Simon except he was from a city called Cyrene in North Africa. B. Most probably a an African proselyte who came on. Each sermon includes sermon notes and homework. Easter 2018 January 1, 2018. 1 Message. Explore This Series. New Year's Message 2018 December 30, 2017. Notes and Homework PDF. Support Our Ministry. If you found this message beneficial and you would like to help continue our ministries, we would be grateful for your support.. New sermon. sermon. The Best Meal in the World. David Platt. Jun 28, 2021. Recent Sermons More . sermon. Men and Women in the Church (Part 2) David Platt. Jun 14, 2021. sermon. Men and Women in the Church (Part 1) David Platt. Jun 8, 2021. sermon. The Dangerous Habit of Not Meeting Together. David Platt. May 23, 2021. Popular Sermons More Notes and commentary for those reading this week's lectionary texts to the congregation. Creative Closing, Easter 5, George Hartwell, at Richard J. Fairchild's Sermon & Lectionary Resources. Prayer of the People, Easter 5, Theresa Coleman, reverend mommy's random thoughts

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