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  1. Short video about transmission funnel that I have been using for 20 years.Very similar funnel can be purchased here http://amzn.to/2mlDFNiBest automatic flui..
  2. Since most bottles have the same sized opening regardless of bottle shape, I used a Smart Water bottle for transmission fluid because the bottle is pretty long in terms of height, and narrow enough to reach the fill hole further down in the engine bay. For my oil funnel, a standard water bottle works wonders
  3. This is a digital 3D model of a funnel used for putting transmission fluid into an engine. I actually 3D printed this model about three years ago, and used it a couple of times, but yesterday a clamp came loose from the transmission cooling radiator and all the fluid came out, so I had a chance to use this funnel again. You know it took almost nine quarts of transmission fluid to fill the.
  4. It's a 2003 V6. The pipe where the dipstick is for the transmission fluid has an irregular shape. Their is a piece of metal at the top blocking the connecting of a funnel. Does anyone know of a dipstick that can fit it? I need a funnel that is very thin at the bottom. I have included 2 photos
  5. First, make sure you check your owner's manual to make sure you have the correct fluid for your specific vehicle and transmission. This is extremely important! 1. Place the funnel in the transmission check tube. The funnel will take the place of the dipstick. 2. Add the fluid in very small increments
  6. Put the funnel in the slot that the dipstick usually sits in and add a small amount of transmission fluid. After this, remove the funnel and the ATF and set them to one side. Use the dipstick to measure the level of fluid in the transmission. Keep on repeating this until the level is between the two markers
  7. When you shop for a new transmission fluid funnel, make sure to read through the product descriptions. Sometimes, companies make modifications to attract different customers or target markets. You need to make sure that the item you buy will actually do what you want it to. Old Customer Review

Most automatic transmissions do not have a fill hole so you may need to add the new fluid through the transmission fluid dip stick tube using a funnel with a small spout and a lot of patience. Remember always add the manufacture's recommended fluid type and amount 95. FREE Shipping. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. More Buying Choices. $3.21 (18 new offers) Plews LubriMatic 75-068 All-Purpose Extra Long Super Funnel for Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, and More - 2 Quart Capacity. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 1,726. $7.78

Open the hood to the car and locate where the transmission fluid goes in. Use a funnel and pour replacement transmission fluid into the car. Replace the amount of transmission fluid up to the recommended refill level for the car. Once you have refilled the transmission with new fluid, close the hood and take the car down from the ramps Lumax LX-1705 Black Steel Transmission Funnel with Screen and 18 x 1/2 Flexible Pipe. Oil Change and Transmission Fluid Change Funnel. 2 Quart Capacity. . Usually ships within 1 to 2 months. Lumax LX-1704 Silver Galvanized Funnel with 12 Flexible Pipe with Screen. Built with Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Construction Now place your funnel in the transmission port and get the correct fluid ready. Unplug the transmission deep stick. Note that you have to continually fill up the funnel in the transmission port; this will make sure there are no rooms for air bubbles This 17-1/4 long funnel reaches where other funnels can't, which makes it perfect for adding transmission fluid. Lowest Prices for the best tools from FloTool. FloTool Transmission Fluid Funnel part number FT06064 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service. All Info Get free next day delivery or same day pick up on the funnels you need to refill your vehicle's fluids. We carry specialty and general utility products, so you can do the job right

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Simply insert the hose into your transmission and pour your favorite transmission fluid through the wide funnel for a quick fill up. Both the polyethylene funnel and hose are built with sturdy materials designed to stand up to repeated use. All-Purpose Transmission Filler Funnel: 18 polyethylene hos Transmission Flush - Buy the ECS OEM kit and purchase an additional quart. Skip the fancy Motive fluid pump and just make my own funnel and clear tubing to get the fluid into the pan. Click to expand.. External Flush: This is done by removing the drain plug and replacing it with a funnel that collects old transmission fluid. Full Drain Flush: The car's gearbox system needs to be drained, cleaned, refilled then flushed again from top to bottom before reinstalling everything back in place. This process may take up to three hours Just pull the damn yellow dipstick out and shovel the clear tube inside use the long neck funnel and pure the ATF. make you sure you twist the cap on the clear tube to open so the fluid can flows through. I was in a hurry and I forgot to twist open the cap and spilled ATF everywhere but not much because I caught it on time

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Add 3 or 4 quarts of transmission fluid. Start your car and with your foot on the brake shift through all the gears including reverse and back to park. While car is idling in park, check the fluid level with the dipstick. Fill to the full line with additional fluid. This can be up to 12 quarts depending on your model Finally, it is time to add the new transmission fluid. Place a longneck funnel in the dipstick tube and pour your newly bought transmission fluid. The amount should be slightly less than that of the old fluid you removed. After that, start your truck's engine and let it stay in idle mode for about a minute Using the funnel, pour in the prescribed amount of transmission fluid. Remove the funnel and put the cap back on. You're done! Get Help With Spark Plugs From a Mechanic On JustAnswer Insert the funnel into the pipe where you removed the dipstick from, then top-up the transmission fluid with a little amount of fluid. Stop and check the fluid level after adding a certain amount of fluid, so you do not exceed the recommended levels. If you drained the previous fluid, you will need about 5-10 quarts of fluid to fill it back up The Blitz funnel doesn't quite reach the dipstick tube in a 2004 with all the engine parts in the way. It does work good when the intake tube and intake shroud are removed. I didn't observe any fluid leak from the interface fit around the outside of the dipstick tube

While you can add fluid when it gets low, many car manufacturers recommend a transmission fluid change every 30,000 to 100,000 miles (48,000 to 161,000 km) depending on the make and model of your car. 3. Place a funnel in the dipstick hole of the transmission. Most cars need a longer transmission fluid funnel. 4 The transmission holds 2.9 Quarts of GL-4 SAE 75W-85W or 75W-90 gear oil. 7. Fill the fluid slowly and once you have filled the correct amount of fluid, pull the funnel out and let any excess fluid run out of the Fill hole. When no fluid comes out, the tranny has the correct level

Slipping transmission; If your transmission fluid is low With the emergency brake on and the gear shifter in neutral, use a funnel to add fluid to your transmission very slowly at a time until your automatic transmission dipstick is at Full Your transmission dipstick is located near your transmission, and make sure not to confuse this. Live. •. A transmission fluid change is something you can do at home, and the steps are easy enough: Elevate the Vehicle and Drop the Transmission Pan. Replace the Transmission Fluid Filter. Replace the Transmission Pan Gasket. Install the Pan. Add the Fluid. Spring Cleaning Tips Learn Car Maintenance How to Find the Cheapest Gas

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Transmission Fluid Funnel Approx. 11 Quarts of NISSAN Matic-D Automatic Transmission Fluid Experience needed: I would say some experience working on cars, at least be able to do your own oil changes before you try to do this The vessel containing the transmission fluid has a dipstick like your oil reservoir. Pull it out and wipe it with a clean, lint-free towel or cloth. Put it back in place and remove it again. Be careful when handling the dipstick as the transmission fluid will be hot. Examine the color of the fluid

If you do have low transmission fluid, you can use a funnel and put it into the dipstick tube right now to add new transmission fluid in. Again, you only want to do this if the fluid that's already in the reservoir is clean and uncontaminated. Just top up the reservoir until you're able to measure between the minimum and maximum fill lines on. Place a funnel into the dipstick hole. This will prevent transmission oil spills. Pour transmission oil down the funnel in small increments. Adding a large amount at one time could result in an overfill. Allow the oil to settle for a few seconds each time you add oil. Then remove the funnel and reinsert the dipstick to check the oil level Transmission fluid (refer to owner's manual for which type of fluid to use for your car) A funnel; Step 1: Warm Up Your Car. Whenever you check your transmission fluid, you always want to make sure the car is warmed up since transmission fluid expands when it gets hot. For an accurate reading, the fluid needs to be the same temperature and.

When adding more fluid, make sure to use a funnel to avoid making a mess. It's important that you don't overfill the fluid as well. If you have any questions about how to check Dodge and RAM transmission fluid or Chrysler and Jeep transmission fluid, you can always turn to our team for assistance Cigars said: All of you who change your own Pilot's trans fluid, you know that it's easier than changing the motor oil. Making it even easier is NAPA's all metal flexible transmission fluid funnel. It's a bit pricey at about $48 but it's the perfect length and the end is tapered to fit the filler hole perfectly

Once all the fluid has drained, replace the drain plug. Locate the transmission fluid dipstick under the hood and remove it. Place a long funnel in the transmission fluid dipstick tube and pour in the appropriate amount of new transmission fluid (you can find this amount in your owner's manual). Locate the supply and return hoses Step 4: How to Add Fluid. Line up the funnel and pour the fluid in slowly. Insert the dipstick and take it back out to make sure the fluid is between the lines. Be Sure to Check Your Transmission Fluid. Ask a professional automotive technician if you have any questions about checking your car's transmission fluid

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How to Add Transmission Fluid Correctly? - Step 1: Get the right fluid. Once you have determined that your transmission needs more fluid to add to it, you will need to get both the correct transmission fluid for your vehicle and a long, thin funnel to make adding to the existing fluid. Do not add liquid if it is not the correct type How to top up the transmission fluid: Using a thin funnel, add a small amount of the fluid through the dipstick pipe. Wait for a few minutes - let the fluid drain down. Recheck the level again. Don't overfill Read full answer. Sep 30, 2013 • 2001 Hyundai XG300. 0 helpful. 1. much transmission fluid will be required for your particular combination of components. Using the supplied funnel adapter and a funnel (not supplied), fill the transmission with the appropriate amount of fluid.Fig. 3 Step 8: Follow the transmission manufacturer's recommended procedure for checking and topping off the transmission fluid. Make sure the car is level. If you have removed a wheel to gain access to the filler and drain plugs, just adjust the jack so that the car is level. Fluid draining: Once the fluid is drained, replace the drain plug. To fill the transaxle, I use a funnel, a tube (from Home Depot) and some duck tape

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If you have a torque wrench use it to make sure you don't over-tighten the bolts. Using a long funnel fill about 5-6 quarts into the transmission through the dipstick tube. You'll need a small neck funnel Remove the transmission dipstick from engine compartment . and place funnel into tube that you removed the dipstick from. Next, start off with placing around 6 quarts of transmission. fluid into transmission and begin checking levels. (It is very. important not to overfill.) Checking the fluid must be done with. engine cold. Start vehicle and. The clean transmission pan. Don't lose the round magnet that's in the bottom of the pan! It goes on the little bump and it collects any metal shavings that might be floating in your fluid. Take it out and make sure it is clean. Note the position of the OE filter, pull it off and replace it with the new one, make sure the old rubber seal comes.

Locate the transmission fluid dipstick. If you own a front-wheel drive vehicle, you will most likely find the transmission fluid dipstick to the right of the oil dipstick. If you are not sure of its location, you can always take a look at your owner's manual. Remove the dipstick and touch the fluid. Inspect its appearance to make sure that it. I change fluid every other oil change (15k) and drop the pan to change BOTH filters every other time (30k). Use honda cvt fluid, follow the checking process from the owners manual when its warm, make sure to get the level right The fluid levels should be checked when the transmission reaches 120 degrees. Position a drain pan underneath the vehicle and transmission. Remove the tranny drain plug with a 15 mm socket and as the engine runs, allow the fluid to drain. Darker/blacker fluids indicate the need to flush and replace. Make sure the vehicle is level for accurate.

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Transmission fluid varies depending on your vehicle and transmission type (automatic or manual). Your owner's manual will detail the best type of fluid to use. In order to check the fluid levels of a manual transmission, you will typically need to use a jack in order to access a plug located underneath your car Your vehicle's automatic transmission system must be maintained on a regular basis in order to extend its lifetime. Automatic transmission fluids ensure that your gears remain thermally stable and properly lubricated. For the gears to work properly, the level and condition of the transmission fluid should be checked, as well as the state of the filters. Maintenance requirements vary depending. There are those people who prefer to change transmission fluid every 40,000-50,000 miles, but that can be considered wasteful and excessive if your car is in good working order. Again, check the book If the fluid does not reach the full level - make sure to double check the owners manual or call your local car dealership to see what transmission fluid you need to fill it back up. 10. Provided you have the correct fluid - use a funnel to add more fluid little by little to the tank checking the level often until fluid reaches.

On transmissions equipped with dipsticks, a transmission funnel will be needed, usually less than $5 at your local auto parts store. Remove the dipstick and insert the funnel, then add fluid as necessary. Wait a few minutes before checking transmission fluid level again, because it takes time for all the fluid to make it down into the transmission Step 4 - Refill the transmission with fluid. Tighten the drain plug to 29 lb-ft (39 Nm). Feed the end of a funnel with a long tube down to the fill hole and fill the transmission back up with fluid. A drain and fill should take 2.3 quarts of new transmission fluid, or just add slightly more than the drain pan indicates came out How to replace transmission fluid: when the oil tank is empty, replace the gasket and refit the drain plug securely. Drain transmission fluid: fill the gearbox with new oil using a tube. Put the filler cap back on securely. Dispose of the used oil at an appropriate recycling centre. ELF's provides you an efficient and reliable range of manual. Locate the fluid fill plug. It is usually half-way up the side of the transmission. Unscrew the plug. Stick your finger in the plug hole. Examine the fluid on your finger. If it looks dirty (not pink), it is time to change your fluid. If you can't feel fluid, then top off the fluid through the hole. Never get under your car when it is only on. Add about 9 or 11 quarts of transmission fluid through the funnel into > the transmission. > > 7. Start the car, with parking brake firmly engaged. The fluid will begin > to pour out of the gas line you have in the bucket, rapidly filling the > bucket. > > 8. While the fluid is pumping through the system, shift to reverse for

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This transmission is used in a range of Chrysler, Dodge, Volkswagen, and Ram make vehicles, including the 2007 Chrysler Pacifica, up to 2016 Chrysler Town & Country and 2013 to current Ram ProMaster. Tools You'll Require For a DIY Filter Change. You will need the appropriate transmission fluid, filter, and gasket The exact amount of transmission fluid you need to add will depend on the fluid level and condition inside the transmission case. A majority of passenger cars need from 12 to 16 quarts of fluid. The make and model of your vehicle will dictate how much transmission fluid is needed If the automatic transmission fluid level does not come up to the warm line, you'll need to add automatic transmission fluid. Insert long funnel into automatic transmission fluid dipstick hole. Carefully add automatic transmission fluid in small increments and recheck level each time until fluid level reaches warm line Put a hose in the filler hole in the transmission and guide the hose up through the engine bay. Press a funnel into the end of the hose in the engine bay to make it easier to fill transmission fluid. Then pour transmission fluid into the transmission using the funnel and hose. Figure 4. Drain plug in place and hose in the filler hole. Figure 5 Pour transmission fluid slowly into the funnel as to not spill over. It drains into the transmission very slow, which is perfectly normal. The reason for this is that the actual fill hole is only half open in order to accommodate a special dealer fill tool in order to, you guessed it, make it tough for anyone else to do this

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5. Start the engine and watch the fluid come out into the bottle. It takes about 15 seconds for about 2 qts. to come out. ( Then shut the engine off ) Measure the amount that came out and dump the same amount of new fluid down the funnel. Repeat until your fluid is running red. ( about 12 qts or so Pour the appropriate type of transmission fluid into the funnel slowly and wait for it to funnel into the transmission. Be sure not to add too much at a time, so you do not overflow it. Step 3: Get back in the vehicle and press the break while moving the gearshift through all the gears. It helps the fluid move throughout the transmission

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If the transmission fluid is low, you can add some oil using a funnel. Still, you should make sure you get the proper amount and don't add too much. Both mistakes can lead to serious issues within the transmission. Overfilling transmission fluid can make seals to blow or cause the transmission to become unstable First, place the funnel into your car's transmission pipe, you should then gently pour the transmission fluid into the car's transmission through this funnel. You should be careful not to overfill the funnel by rushing too much fluid in at once, rather put in the fluid little by little 20. Allow the fluid to drain out, then reinsert the plug and tighten it. 21. Pull the catch pan from under the tractor. 22. Locate the transmission case fill plug near the transmission case dipstick. 23. Put the funnel into the fill hole. 24. Pour 3.8-galons of tractor transmission fluid into the funnel. 25. Reinsert the plug and tighten it. 26 How to Install a Torque Converter on a 4L60E Transmission. Use a funnel to fill the torque converter with one quart of automatic transmission fluid. Slide the torque converter onto the input shaft of the transmission. Install the torque converter to the flywheel bolts, but do not tighten. Measure the distance from the flywheel to the converter 7. Replace the transmission fluid. Remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle. Using a small funnel, pour the transmission fluid into the dipstick. Consult the vehicle repair manual for the correct type and amount of fluid to add. Make sure to use the type recommended by the car manufacturer. Check your owner's manual to add the right kind.

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How Often Should You Check Your Transmission Fluid? Check the main fluid levels of your car monthly — this includes your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and engine oil.Moreover, you should replace your transmission fluid every 50,000 to 100,000 miles.This depends on your driving habits, type of transmission, and other factors — like the conditions you drive in. Consult your owner. If nothing comes out the fluid's low. And as mentioned, you need a method to pump the transmission fluid up the stand pipe until fluid runs out. But this is even better. Some manufacturers have a spec that indicates if the transmission fluid needs servicing. You hook a scanner up and compare the temperature of the fluid relative to the pressure Wipe the dipstick clean and place it aside.Place a funnel designed for adding transmission fluid into the dipstick tube where the dipstick was removed. Make sure the end of the funnel is fully seated in the tube before adding fluid.Add Motorcraft MERCON V automatic transmission fluid (or equivalent) into the funnel in ½ pint increments Transmission fluid. Hand pouring transmission fluid through funnel as for the good car maintenance. Transmission fluid plays the role of lubricating the engine parts. The fluid ensures the proper functioning of the transmission system. Also, it helps to lower the engine's heating, which ensures the engine stays cool.. Put a funnel on the open port and fill up the transmission. If there is a dipstick, be sure to fill to the cold line. If you have a plug, fill up the transmission to knuckle depth