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It's happened to everybody around the Globe, to first-timers and to experienced WordPress users: your website goes down and your users (sometimes you as well) can't access its pages and you lose visits, conversions, and money eventually Probably not. WordPress.com runs on thousands of servers located in several separate data centers in different parts of the US and around the world. We're not perfect and we do occasionally experience problems, but our network is designed so that sites continue working even when servers or parts of the network fail. Outages are rare and brief Log in to the backend of your site, go to settings -> permalinks, and just click Save Changes. This will reset them and your other pages should start working again. It may be a WordPress issue OR hosting issue if any of the following are true User reports indicate no current problems at Wordpress.com Wordpress.com is an online blogging platform that is based on the free and open source Worpress software. Users can create a blog free of charge, with premium features available at a fee. Wordpress.com is operated by Automattic

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If it's down for everyone, that means that your site's code or server is having an issue that makes your WordPress site unavailable. If your WordPress website is not loading correctly, think about what happened right before the crash (WordPress update, plugin install, theme change, etc.) Check WordPress Plugins First Deactivate all your plugins. Then check your site. If all is well you then know one of the plugins you are using is causing a conflict BTW, if the down for everyone site shows it is generally down, you should call your hosting provider as that would be a hosting or domain issue and you'd need them to help you get that fixed up. This reply was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by RadiantFreedom In a perfect world, your website wouldn't experience any downtime. However, sometimes it's best to take your site offline and replace it with a be back soon splash page rather than run the risk of endangering customers' personal data and money with a faulty website. Let's go over a few additional purposes for WordPress maintenance mode Disable WordPress Site And Secure Your Other Sites. If one of your websites get affected by some malicious attack or brute force attack then it may be possible that it can affect your other sites running on the same web hosting account. To secure your all the other websites, you should disable WordPress site using the code mentioned above

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  1. Once you create your WordPress website, depending on your necessity, there are two ways to hide that from the visitors.. You can either unpublish your website or delete it. The difference between these two ways is that if you unpublish your website, you can republish it anytime you want
  2. WordPress is one of the most used platforms which makes it a popular target for hackers. If you haven't secured your website and you've learned that your WordPress website has been hacked, this guide will walk you through the steps you should take to recover from a hacked WordPress site
  3. Search for your website or page on Google's or Bing's results page. You would notice a down arrow next to the listing of your website or page. Click on the arrow. There are two options - Cache and Simila

Backup your site, and download a fresh version of WordPress from the main site. Extract the files from the ZIP file, and open the extracted folder. Open your site's root directory in an FTP client, and upload the wp-admin and wp-includes from your fresh version of WordPress to your site's directory, overwriting the older versions The primary causes for a slow WordPress website are: Web Hosting - When your web hosting server is not properly configured it can hurt your website speed. WordPress Configuration - If your WordPress site is not serving cached pages, then it will overload your server thus causing your website to be slow or crash entirely If you just want to know whether your website is really down, or you are facing internet issues, then you can do that quickly using IsItWP's uptime checker tool. Simply go to the IsItWP Uptime Checker tool and enter your website address. Uptime Checker tool will quickly check your website and will show you whether your website is up or down When WordPress puts itself into maintenance mode, it does so by creating a file named .maintenance in the root folder of your WordPress site. This is the same folder that contains: wp-admin folder. wp-config.php. To fix the WordPress stuck in maintenance mode problem, you'll need to connect to your server via FTP and delete that file

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  1. Depending on the type of WordPress site you're running, it might simply be quicker to restore a backup of your WordPress site to fix your issue and get back up and going fast. Especially if you know exactly when your problem started happening
  2. These should either not be installed at all, or only activated when you run a complete check of the WordPress site. Conflict in the options can also slow your WordPress down. In the database of WordPress, there is an item called Options. Here are some entries of not fully uninstalled scripts and plugins available
  3. Enable debugging to display errors in WordPress; My WordPress site is slow. Every time a visitor goes to your WordPress blog, the server processes PHP scripts and establishes a database connection, which means it's doing a lot of work. The more complex and busy your site is, the slower this process becomes. Troubleshooting a slow WordPress site
  4. Your hosting is your site's engine, so it's going to play one of the biggest roles in slowing your site down. Unfortunately, if you pick a performance-optimized WordPress host like SiteGround or Kinsta , your site might still have passable page load times even if you implement all of the anti-optimization tactics in this post
  5. If WordPress is interrupted during this process, it doesn't have the chance to take your site out of maintenance resulting in locking down your site and making it unavailable. WordPress automatically puts your site into maintenance mode during updates, so your visitors don't see a broken version of your website

Every few months my WordPress site goes down for a variety of issues. Is there a way to create an email alert every time the site goes down? Possibly tracking users bounce rates and if they reach over a certain percentage it would signal that something is wrong with the site and I will get an email notifying me Now the base plugin itself is not too bad but there are tons of extensions you can add onto the base plugin which can really slow things down on your site. 4. Revolution Slider. So we would actual love to put every slider plugin out there on this list of 10 WordPress plugins to stay away from

All of the ones that have done the auto-update are down. They don't update every site at the same moment, they roll through the list. So it's just a matter of time before the rest of my sites are down So, just like millions of other website owners, you decided to use WordPress as your site's content-management system (CMS). Launched in 2003, the open-source, free-to-use, and extremely powerful software tool dominates the internet Your site's slow loading speeds might very well be attributed to WordPress plugins. Although the quantity of plugins used may be a factor, it's more likely that there are one or two plugins forcing your server to work overtime

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2. Scan Your Website for Malware and Fix It. If you suspect that your site's being hacked or injected with malware, then you might want to scan your WordPress website with our Free WordPress Security Scanner. To follow security best practices, you might also want to check out this ultimate WordPress security guide. 3 Plugins change even the core features of your website sometimes. Make sure you choose plugins carefully to avoid problems and know how to methodically troubleshoot issues that do occur. 3. Your Domain Name Has Expired. Domain name expiration is a surprisingly common source of WordPress website outages Solid indicator whether your WordPress hosting or DNS is slow. Query Monitor - identify slow plugins, queries, and other things slowing down your site. 2. Hosting. Lighthouse fails your TTFB if it's over 600ms

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The good news is that you don't have to take down your old site while you're setting up your new WordPress site, nor do you have to redirect your old site somewhere else. And when you've finished creating your new WordPress site, you can simply change a few settings and have the new site working on your domain in a matter of minutes WordPress maintenance mode is a feature WordPress core enables when you update to the latest version of WordPress or update plugins and themes. It displays a message across your site that lets users know you're working on something so you can perform updates without forcing users to use a semi-broken.. Tools You Need To Find Out What's Slowing Down Your WordPress. By Andrey Savchenko. Andrey Rarst Savchenko is a WordPress contractor from Kiev, Ukraine. He believes in a Web of content sites that are a delight to discover, read, and navigate. In free time he likes to drink tea, read science fiction and every tweet in his timeline Do WordPress plugins slow down your site? The common consensus is, yes. The truth? It depends. In this post, I'll dig into the specifics of how plugins affect a website's speed so you can audit your own plugins and decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete

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  1. and wp-includes. On your remote site, locate and delete the wp-ad
  2. Your site may be loading slowly. If your site can't be loaded in less than 20 seconds, we consider it as inaccessible. This may happen if you're on shared hosting, where your bandwidth is shared with many other websites, or if you have a lot of resources loading on your home page; this will slow your site down
  3. Retrun your site through GTmetrix and hopefully the load times have improved. 15. Use Cloudflare APO, BunnyCDN, or QUIC.cloud. The two CDNs I recommend are Cloudflare + APO or BunnyCDN. Cloudflare is usually fine for smaller sites on a budget, but it can actually slow down your WooCommerce site in some cases (you will need to test it)
  4. If your site runs slow and you're running WordPress, there are plenty of things that could be slowing you down. Below are five common reasons for sluggish performance on WordPress platforms, and how you can fix them

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  1. Also, keeping a large number of active plugins will affect your WordPress site speed. 5. Compress Media Files. Uploading very large images and videos will significantly slow your WordPress site down. For that reason, another solution to speed up a WordPress site is to compress your media files
  2. Jetpack. Jetpack is one of those plugins that are packed with a lot of functionality. And truth be told, Jetpack actually delivers on the goods. It comes loaded with security measures, SEO capabilities, image optimization, analytics, and more. As good as it is, however, it may be bad for your website's performance
  3. How to put Wordpress into Maintenance Mode to stop visitors viewing it while you work on it.More videos at http://www.wpeagle.co

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As you can see, it doesn't really matter if you have 5 or 50 plugins running your WordPress site. What does matter is making sure one or more bad plugins aren't slowing everything else down Site debugging and troubleshooting: Working under the hood of your live site in order to resolve bugs or other issues may lead to bigger problems (and, potentially, costly downtime). By creating a local WordPress site, you can try out various solutions, and easily restore previous versions of your site should you make any mistakes WordPress Maintenance Mode is the state you put your website into when you wish to make major changes to the site that may take a long time. If your site is broken or inactive for a while, it can affect the user experience, especially if you get heavy traffic. At such a time it is advisable that your website is offline and a splash page saying. In addition to the fact that it's extremely easy to put a WordPress site into a maintenance mode with Elementor, there are are also SEO advantages: Maintenance Mode Response Code. When you set Elementor's Maintenance Mode on, it will make your site tell search engines that your site is temporarily down for maintenance While blog post comments boost WordPress SEO (and make you feel good), they can also slow down your site speed. If this is the case, you'll have to split your comments into different pages. This post will help you paginate comments , step by step

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On top of doing all that, if you want to check what is slowing your website down, you can use several WordPress plugins that will help you analyze your site, delete the plugins or extensions responsible for slow loading time, and will, in general, speed up your website. 1. GTmetri WordPress releases a new version every few months, and it is necessary to keep your site updated. We also recommend to update your plugins in a timely manner. Old version of WordPress may not be compatible with your image slider plugin and it makes the slider slow to load

When you add a plugin or 3rd party script on your WordPress site, whether it be a Google Analytics tag or a Facebook Like button, it directly impacts your load time. I've seen a lot of people get frustrated with their WordPress load times over the years and it all (generally) is a result of loading 3rd party assets (unless they just have poor. What to check if your site is down. If you find yourself in a situation that requires changes to your site, and your developer isn't available to help, DreamHost's skilled support team may be able to assist you for a small fee. You can find more information about supported services and associated costs in the DreamHost Professional Services.

Fix WordPress File Permissions Basically, WordPress file permissions are authority roles assigned to users to manage website's files & folders. So, it is important to set correct permissions to the files and folders. WordPress permissions play an integral role in the overall security of your WordPress website. One of the In order to find out what your WordPress version is, scroll down on your WordPress dashboard. The version is written in the far-right corner. Executing multiple operations at once may lead to getting your website stuck in WordPress maintenance mode. Be patient and run the updates one at a time, even though you may want to get it over with faster Now to create a WordPress site, click on the ' My Sites ' option from the sidebar. Now click on the 'Create Site' button on the top-right corner. All you need to do now is enter your Site Name and Tagline before clicking on ' Next'. After that, you'll have to choose your Domain Raise your hand if you work on your WordPress website every day. Keep it raised if you have an embarrassingly large amount of plugins, unpublished blog content from early 2015, too many broken. Your WordPress website is hosted on a fleet of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances that leverage Auto Scaling to provide high availability. To ensure that the content of the WordPress site is sustained through scale up and scale down events, you need a common file system that is shared between more than one Amazon EC2 instance

Also, using AMP helps bolster your page speed, which is an important factor when it comes to SEO. The faster your site loads, the more likely Google will give it a better ranking in the search results. Plus, Google AMP makes sure your site appears in the Google News carousel, which is a higher priority than above-the-fold results on mobile If you use PHP on your site, having OPcache enabled can speed up its loading and the loading of your pages as a result. If you host your website with one of our Shared WordPress or DreamPress plans, OPcache is enabled by default. If your site is hosted using one of our other plans or with another web host, you'll likely need to enable it. I can create a new site and even access it via the URL but it never shows in the My Sites drop down. I have to go to the Dashboard and click on the Sites icon to view the list. It's also not sending the email when I create the new site. WordPress 3.5.1 on a localhost running apache. htaccess looks like

On the next step, you need to enter your WordPress username, password and email. Once you filled everything, click on Add Site to create this site successfully. Congrats, you have successfully created your WordPress website offline. On the next window, you will see all the details about your WordPress website WordPress Theme Detector. Processing. Have you ever wondered. What WordPress theme is that awesome site using? If you guess that a site you like uses WordPress, enter its address and hit the button. Our tool will analyze it for you and will display a whole lot of information about the WordPress theme and plugins being used. And more Step 1: Set Up a Google Analytics Account. To start to track website traffic in WordPress, the first thing you'll need to do is sign up for a Google Analytics account. So to do this, go to the Google Analytics website and click the Start for free button in the top right-hand corner. Sign in to your Google account One of the best plugins to use is My Private Site by David Gewirtz. If you set your website to private, search engines won't be able to find your website. Here are the steps to install this plugin: Click on Plugins, then go to Add New. Find the My Private Site plugin, install and activate it. Go to Settings-> Private Site You can use a program called Filezilla which once logged in will display the folders and files of your website. Search for the folder that contains your WordPress blog. Double click on it. If your site is on the main domain, the folder will most likely bear the name public_html

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If your WordPress site has stopped working after you updated PHP, and you don't have the option to go back to a previous version, then you can follow this guide to make your site working again. Step 1 - Deactivate all plugins from phpMyAdmin Step 2 - Change the theme to a default versio 1. You can use Chrome -> web developer tools and check Network part to see what elements slowing You down. Also You will see some errors in code, missing files etc. For me it takes 5 sec to load, so it is not that bad. Think also about total weight of the site. 5mb is a little bit high IMO. Share. Improve this answer 1. Check the .htaccess file directives, code, lines for any syntax errors. If you are not sure what should be corrected or replaced, the best way to check is to rename the .htaccess file. This action will disable all the rules, and if any faulty one is present, once the file is renamed, the site should be up WordPress rollback plugin (or WP rollback plugin) fixes problems with plugins and looks for an older version of a WordPress plugin to use or reverts a WordPress theme to previous action. It has nothing to do with downgrading your WordPress website or rolling back a WordPress update. The WP Downgrade plugin is used for that Learn how to set up your WordPress staging site (via a plugin or on a subdomain). This detailed, step-by-step beginner's guide with tons of screenshots will take you all the way through the entire process. At the end of it, you'll have a fully operational WordPress staging site that's ready to go

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If you are a website administrator, security should be at the top of your list. That's why your first step should be to work with Inmotion's WordPress Hosting team to get your website up and running. After that, you can lock down the WordPress admin with some .htaccess rules to prevent unauthorized attempts.. Limit WordPress admin attempt Try to get into the habit of resizing and compressing images wherever necessary to help speed your website up. If you want to improve your website further, invest in a dedicated plugin to help you along or start optimizing for search engines too. Adding images to your WordPress website and online forms is easy with Formidable Forms

To enable the second sidebar on your website, please navigate to Appearance => Customize => Theme Options => Layout - General in your WordPress dashboard and select two sidebars from the particular drop-down menu. The number of available sidebars and widget areas always depends on the particular WordPress theme which you are using level 1. Eddy_007. 9 months ago. I have realised that Google sitekit has been slowing my wordpress website a lot. On deactivating the plugin, I see a jump of 8 to 10 % of my site's performance. Is there any other way to link google analytics to the site other than sitekit. I do not need any other services by sitekit

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How to Close your Site with a Goodbye Message. If you have a WordPress site, there are some very simple options for closing your website. I typically use a plugin called Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd. It's free in the repository, and easy to install and configure. It has a very simple interface to walk you through setting it up I recommend the 10Web WP Speed Optimization Service for a very thorough and in-depth speed check. You can figure out exactly how to optimize your WordPress website for a better PageSpeed score and in-turn a higher SEO ranking.. Now that you have an average basis of your site's pre-optimized performance, it's time to apply a few staple optimization methods to your media content Choose a manual path to find the slow plugins: Take a back up using Updraftplus WordPress Backup Plugin. Deactivate all plugins. Activate the plugins one by one and check how the different pages are performing on each activation. 3. Hook up your site to StackPath (previously MaxCDN) Im my wordpress website easynotes4u.com the text in posts are collated or mixup to each other, it can't be easy to ready. The sentences lines are are mixed up or there is lot of gaps between the limes after installing new theme. So tell.me or suggest me the right way to correct all texts in all posts and articles of my website. Repl It can also be very resource-heavy and slow down your site. A slow website is not something you want, especially after you have taken so many measures to speed it up and keep it optimized. Let's take a look at what the WordPress REST API is and then I will show you how you can easily disable it using a solid WordPress API plugin

Your website is stuck in maintenance. The solution is to access your site by FTP or in your host's file manager locate the .maintenance file and delete it. Here's how you can get your WordPress site out of maintenance. 2. I did WordPress updates and all I get is a white screen! Dramatic I know but in the WordPress community, this is known. That's your boss calling the hosting company's 24 hour technical support line. An important **website has gone down**, and sooner or later, heads will turn to the Web development corner of the office, where you are sitting quietly, minding your own business, regretting that you ever mentioned Linux on your CV. You need to take action If you are developing the site, you can use the Free MySQL database that comes with WordPress install from the Websites Application Gallery. But this is not ideal for a production level site. We recommend to use to a database that can handle your estimated user traffic from the various other options supported by ClearDB as seen here Backups are a lifeguard for your website and they come in useful for a many of reasons. Daily backups take place 24 hours from the previous backup. This is impossible to set the particular time window for daily backups. If you want to restore from a backup, select a tip in your activity log by convoluted definite change

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Image CDN Benefits. Hosting many images within your WordPress site slows down your sites performance and increases bandwidth. An Image CDN makes the process of serving images as seamless as possible. It increases the speed of your website by offloading images and caching static content By optimizing your images and photos, using a WordPress theme that has a small size, and doing other things to speed up your site, you'll keep visitors on your website. Faster on Mobile According to Statista , visitors using mobile devices make up over half of total internet traffic Uptime Monitoring: A website's reputation can be damaged by frequent downtimes. Because of that, we monitor your site and help ensure downtime is extremely minimal. 24/7 WordPress Support: Whether you need help with your site in the morning or in the middle of the night, our team will fix WordPress for you at any time. WooCommerce

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An easy guide to WordPress migration. There's no shortage of reasons to want to move your WordPress site to a new hosting account. Whether it's stronger uptime, faster speeds, cheaper plans, or better customer service, it makes sense to switch to a provider that has what you want - but that can sometimes feel like a risky move or a lot of work Choosing WordPress for your website is an easy choice to make, and usually a good one. You can use WordPress for free, but the free plan lacks lots of features. In addition to the lack of features, the free plan comes with WordPress.com ads most website owners want to avoid Did you know WooCommerce is a POWER PACKED plugin to give your WordPress site the ability to sell online. While WooCommerce can be an amazing selling tool for your site you may wonder Why is WooCommerce So Slow.Well the short answer is that the plugin itself has allot of scripts and styles that is needed for it to do it's magic Once this is done, let's integrate MaxCDN on your WordPress site. Step 5: Install W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin. To add the CDN to your website, you're going to need a WordPress plugin called W3 Total Cache. Now go to your WordPress dashboard and then click on Plugins » Add New. Search for W3 Total Cache and install the plugin

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WordPress charges a small $13/year fee for this service. But, if you want to 100% migrate WordPress.com to WordPress.org, $13 is a small price to pay to maintain your traffic and search engine rankings. To do that, go to the WordPress.com Site Redirect page. Enter your new domain name in the box, click Go, and handle the payment

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