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2.25 hours. Advanced Valuation --- This is a course on real options: The use of option theory to determine the value of flexibility, patents, technological innovation, learning by doing, marketing surveys, the p. Learn More. More Terms: Fall 21 (A) Advertising Management. MKT 711. Fall 21 (A) 2.25 hours BBA: Non-Graded (Pass/Fail) Courses BBA students may NOT elect any Ross (business) classes Pass/Fail unless the classes are set up as mandatory Pass/Fail. This rule applies to all BBA students and Ross classes, regardless of earned credits or year in program The Michigan Ross curriculum throws you right into the action, excitement, and risk inherent in business. You'll tap into the power of business to improve lives, benefit society, and drive powerful change. You'll learn why diverse perspectives are critical to organizations. And you'll analyze strategy, apply business concepts, oversee. Ross Education, LLC is an equal opportunity employer/program. Consequently, auxiliary aids and services may be available upon request to individuals with disabilities. If you need additional information about the Ross equal opportunity commitment, or about requesting accommodations for a disability, you will find it in the Student Catalog.

The College of Education offers a number of courses to non-education majors that satisfy General Education requirements, in subject areas S (Social and Behavioral Sciences), D (Diversity) and H (Humanities). Courses include: EDF2085: Teaching Diverse Populations (S,D Fall 2021 Approved Business Courses for Non Business majors:In addition to the Business Minor courses, the following BBA courses are currently open to nonbusiness students: ACC 334M- HealthCare Accounting. BGS 370.2- Ethics/Csr/Service Learning. BGS 370.3- Busn Ethics/ Socl Respnsblty Selected Art History Courses. (All undergraduate art history courses are open to non-Tyler students) ARTH 0803 Sacred Space - GA Gen Ed Arts. ARTH 0808 Arts of Western World - GA Gen Ed Arts. ARTH 1155 Arts of the World I: Prehistoric to 1300. ARTH 1156 Arts of the World II: 1300 to 21st Century Acting I For Non-Majors Fulfills Fine Arts Foundation (FF) Acting techniques for non-majors. Students learn basic acting skills through class participation in monologue work, scene work, and improvisations. THEA 1040 Dramatic Arts in Television Fulfills Fine Arts Foundation (FF) Online Course. Students will explore television as a theatrical. The professor in a non-majors class can try new teaching techniques and focus on the concepts they feel are most important. Perhaps that is to the advantage of the typical non-majors class, and further evidence that freeing majors classes from the constraints of coverage would end up producing better majors as well

Upper-Division Non-Major Courses These non-majors courses are specifically designed to cover the material of our majors courses in a format appropriate for non-majors. The correspondence between our majors courses and these non-majors courses (as well as some courses in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Math) is shown below COVID-19 Stories: The Michigan Ross Community Steps Up to Make a Positive Impact and Help Others Through the Pandemic. From the frontlines of healthcare to their home offices around the world, Michigan Ross students, faculty, staff, and alumni have stepped up to lead and support those in need since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Read Making Financial Decisions --- Financial analysis provides a structure to estimate and compare the costs and benefits of decisions made in both our personal lives and within an organization, such as a firm. Students taking this course will develop a foundational understanding of rational decision-making using financial analysis and the ability to apply that framework to make personal investing. Students who complete business courses offered specifically for non-business students (e.g., BA 201, ES 212, FIN 275, MKT 302, etc.) prior to entering the BBA program will NOT earn credit for those courses toward their 58.0 business credit requirement nor toward their 54.0 non-business requirement

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A non-business major is limited to a maximum of one BUSI course, regardless of the number of credit hours, per semester. Over the course of an undergraduate career, non-business majors may enroll in a maximum of five BUSI courses, regardless of the number of credit hours. Students are only permitted to enroll in one BUSI course. This limit will. Courses with an asterisk (*) fulfill General Education requirements. MUS P110 Beginning Piano Class 1, Non-Music Majors* (3 cr.). MUS P120 Beginning Piano Class 2, Non-Music Majors* (3 cr.) MUS P130 Beginning Piano Class 3, Non-Music Majors (2 cr.) See our intranet for more information on piano courses for non-majors Energy in Food and Nutrition. Calorimetry. Thermochemical Equation. Stoichiometric Calculations and Enthalpy Changes. Heats of Fusion and Solidification. Heats of Vaporization and Condensation. Multi-Step Problems with Changes of State Non-music majors may participate in most music ensembles, including bands, orchestras, choirs, jazz and world music ensembles. Each ensemble may be taken for 1 credit hour per semester. The ensembles are listed in the course catalog with a prefix of EMUS.. For information about the ensembles, please visit the Ensembles page Course Catalogue (2021/2022) Course descriptions for courses offered from May 2021 - April 2022. Graduate-level courses are available to students after admission to a graduate program and available to other students only with Faculty/School permission. Graduate students may take senior undergraduate courses for credit at the graduate level

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Courses offered by other academic units (e.g., the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, the School of Education, the College of Engineering, etc.) of the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and not listed in the LSA Undergraduate Course Catalog are defined as non-LSA courses. Non-LSA coursework earns credit toward a degree and honor points. For Non-CS majors. Computing is for everyone. From programming concepts, to database design, web site development, 3-D graphics, and networking, we offer classes that are designed to help you succeed in business, music, education, arts, media, engineering, medicine, science and beyond. If you are not already convinced that learning more about. Spring 2021 Cinematic Arts Non-Major Courses. Every semester, the School of Cinematic Arts offers a selection of courses available to all students at the University of Southern California. Any USC student with an interest in film, animation, screenwriting, game development, or digital art can explore how cinematic art is made in one of these.

The Theory Placement Exam will be offered to non-majors in August. Please check back in July for details. Registration required. Allow up to 1½ hours to take the exam. Important: Theory courses often fill early. Passing the exam does not guarantee immediate placement in the course Non-majors can take lecture, production, and studio-based courses. Permission to enroll as a non-major is granted by the Tisch department offering the course. Policies and procedures for non-majors vary by department. Interested students should contact the department directly with questions about the course or enrolling as a non-major

Sul Ross @ Midland College. Sul Ross State University and Midland College have created a unique way for students to earn a bachelor's degree. The Sul Ross @ MC Program offers students the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree with majors in Biology, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Education, English, Geology, History, Homeland Security, Mathematics, Nursing (RN to BSN), and. Department of Studio Arts introductory-level courses carry no prerequisites and are open to non-art majors. If you are not interested in pursuing a major in Studio Arts but would like to explore the basics of design, painting, sculpture, and drawing, you may want to consider a minor in Studio Arts Making education accessible so you can make medicine accessible. At Ross medical school in the Caribbean, we combine medical science, clinical training and soft skills support in a state-of-the-art educational environment that keeps learning relevant, contemporary and competitive. Plus, with our deep network of healthcare institutions, Ross. Introduction to Ceramics for Non-Majors. Basic throwing, hand-building skills, vocabulary, and technique for non-art majors, including lecture, demonstrations, lab time, slide lectures, some art historical material

Non-degree seeking students can apply for Non-Matriculated (NM) status and register for these courses with School of Nursing permission. Please note that there are different processes for applying for NM status, depending on whether or not you are planning to use a state employee tuition exemption The following is general information about chemistry courses for non-majors: Department of Chemistry. This webpage is designed to give you the latest information on the lower division courses offered by the College of Chemistry. It will cover basic information, as well as enrolling and/or waitlisting for the Chemistry courses you wish to take Join us! The School of Music offers dozens of ways that non-majors may learn about and participate in music. Ranging from our very famous Music in Performance classes, offered since the 1940s, to courses in music history and lessons for children and adults (see Community Music Lessons).We'd love to have you join us, and appreciate music as much as we do

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  1. ART 375 Capstone Studio for Non-Majors credit: 3 Hours. Non-majors with prior studio experience will identify and pursue project-based creative work, either individually or as part of a collaborative team. Students work closely with the instructor to identify individual interests and formulate a suitable semester-long project
  2. This special set of courses is intended for students who are interested in an introduction to various aspects of business. Developed specifically for non-business majors, these courses provide valuable exposure to business principles, including management, financial analysis, and marketing techniques
  3. A non-accounting major who decides to become an accountant would want this master's degree because it is a way to complete courses needed to qualify for a professional accounting position with one.

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  1. Module 1: Introduction to Biology. Why It Matters: Introduction to Biology. Introduction to Characteristics of Life. Properties of Life. Levels of Organization of Living Things. Introduction to Taxonomy. The Diversity of Life. Phylogenetic Trees. Taxonomy
  2. ary classes needed for non-business undergraduates
  3. Nursing: Most licensed practical or vocational nursing programs only require one or two basic math courses. For example, in Fortis' practical nursing program, the only math class required is College Mathematics, a 101 level. You'll use math daily, but you won't be doing any types of formulaic equations
  4. or in art and art history
  5. Biology for Non-Science Majors I. BIOL 1309. Biology for Non-Science Majors II. BIOL 1322. Nutrition & Diet Therapy. BIOL 1407. Biology for Science Majors II. BIOL 1408. Introductory Biology I
  6. 5. Get Students Moving. Activity is an excellent way to keep students' eyes from the clock and engaged in the course. Group work and discussions are good starting points. 6. Invite Guest Speakers. True life stories told by those who are working in the field provide concrete examples of course relevance
  7. Master's in Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors. Students who did not pursue an undergraduate degree in accounting still have the opportunity to transition to an accounting-related career by.

A survey of contemporary sculpture and 3D illustration will provide plenty of conceptual, process and material exploration. The class is offered in conjunction with RISD CoWorks to promote experimentation, interdisciplinarity, and access to advanced technologies. Projects are structured to introduce you to a variety of materials and methods of. Recommended courses for students who are not majoring in music include: MUS:1000 First Year Seminar 1 s.h MUS:1001 Group Piano I: Non-Music 1 s.h. MUS:1002 Group Piano II: Non-Music 1 s.h. MUS:1007 Garage Band 2 s.h. MUS:1009 Jazz Cultures in America and Abroad 3 s.h. MUS:1010 Recital Attendance for Non-Majors 1 s.h. MUS:1020 Performance Instruction for Non-Majors 1 s. Art & Design/Art-Non-Majors (ARAN) 2021-2022 Edition. ARAN 190 Introduction to the Visual Arts (3 credits) Restriction (s): For non-majors. Introduction to the ways in which people have expressed themselves in the visual arts including painting, sculpture, crafts, architecture, film, photography, and graphic design explored through studio.

Courses for majors prepare the students for professional work and further study in chemistry and other fields of pure and applied science. Courses for the non-science major are designed to introduce students to some of the essentials of chemistry—both fact and theory—to build a foundational understanding of present-day scientific knowledge The Major. BBA in Accounting. The BBA in accounting is offered by the Stan Ross Department of Accountancy. The undergraduate accounting program is intended to provide students with a general liberal arts and sciences background as well as a foundation in general business practices and an understanding of accounting concepts and theory Recommended Options for Applied Math Majors. In order to fulfill their degree requirements, Applied Mathematics majors are required to take 24 credits in engineering or approved courses with significant mathematical content in A&S or Business courses, with at least 6 credits in courses numbered 3000 or above and at least 15 credits in courses. Courses and Summer Certificate Programs for Nonbusiness Students You can learn the basics of business without committing to a second major or minor. MGT 200A: Business Fundamentals and Professional Competencies for Non-business Students provides skills essential in any industry-with corporate, entrepreneurial, nonprofit, and government employers

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The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan frequently places in the top half of top-ten rankings of U.S. business schools. The school's success has led to the building of a new 270,000 square foot home for Ross. The Ross School has a three-year curriculum, so most students apply during their first year at Michigan. On. Suggested Minor Courses by Major; For Aero Engineers; For Astronomy & Astrophysics Majors; For Bioemedical Eng Majors; For Chemical & Biomol Eng Majors; For Civil Eng Majors; For CIS Majors; For CSE Majors; For Electrical & Computer Eng Majors; For Engineering Physics Majors; For Environmental Eng Majors; For Food, Agr & Biol Eng Majors; For. Student Guide Online Student Guide Online courses provide flexibility, allowing you to work according to your own schedule while simultaneously participating in a rigorous and rewarding educational experience. Be sure to read the Online Student Guide for information on policies, procedures and how online classes work MKT 320F is a business course designed to introduce non-business students to the fundamental aspects of marketing as it relates to the whole business enterprise. The class will cover the structure, functions and methods employed by marketing in discovering and translating the consumer wants and needs into product and service specifications and. Open Arts is home to a wide range of courses in the performing, cinematic and emerging media and digital arts open to all students at NYU. Open Arts is also the location of an exciting new BFA in Collaborative Arts, a program designed to emphasize multi- and interdisciplinary arts practiced and research with a focus on the study and practice of collaboration across the arts

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  1. West Los Angeles College ∙ 9000 Overland Avenue ∙ Culver City, CA 90230 ∙ 310-287-420
  2. For courses with CS program restrictions, non-CS and non-degree students who meet prerequisites may submit an override request through scheduling assistant.; Some CS courses are required for CS majors and could be unavailable for non-CS students (CS 50200, CS 50300, CS 52600, CS 53600, CS 55500, CS 56500, CS 57300, CS 57700, CS 57800 and CS 58000 when offered)
  3. Office of Enrollment Management Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Telephone: (225) 578-1175 Fax: (225) 578-4433 admissions@lsu.ed
  4. Current UNC Charlotte non business majors wishing to enroll in a Business course should first speak with their academic department regarding the requirements for eligibility and to submit a request for authorization.. All VISITING students should contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs, Undergraduate Programs Manager for assistance.. All non-business and visiting authorization requests.

Business majors across campus, from our highly ranked Krannert School of Management to our colleges of Agriculture, Liberal Arts, Engineering, Health and Human Sciences, Science and Technology. There are even 3+2 collaborations with our business school and engineering college that allow students to get their bachelor's and master's degrees in. Out of State, Non-Resident DUI-DWI-OVI-OWI-DUII Online Class Your Discount Offer Code is: X23B-M92C. California PC1000 Drug Education Online Class CA Drug Diversion and Deferred Entry of Judgment (DEJ) Drug Education Program and PC1000 Classes. Save Face and Take the Course Online. Your Discount Offer Code is: X23B-M92 Saint Joseph's University offers five lab-based science courses designed specifically for non-science majors in the fields of Biology, Environmental Science, Physics and Chemistry. Successful completion of any one of these courses will fulfill the General Education Program (GEP) natural science requirement. These courses emphasize making precise observations about the natural world and then. ARTS 1212 Painting for Non-Majors. 3 credit hours. Explores varied painting techniques. Introduces concepts relevant to the understanding of painting and the creative process

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  1. Biology for Non-Majors II introduces students to the basics of the scientific process and covers some of biology's most compelling topics surrounding the history and diversity of life, including discussion on the different kingdoms of life, with focus on plants and animals, as well as an introduction to ecology
  2. But, I managed to become a CPA by taking extra courses. So, I'm living proof that a non-accounting major can become a Certified Public Accountant. However, since I earned the CPA, the state boards of accountancy have tweaked their requirements and consequently increased the difficulty of earning the CPA for non-accounting majors
  3. Non-Robinson College of Business elective suggestions from individual departments: Accounting majors: Phil 3730 Business Ethics Actuarial Science majors: Math 2211, Math 2212, and Math 2215 are required and, if not taken in Areas A and D, will replace all three non-RCB electives Managerial Science majors: SOCI 3201 Wealth, Power & Inequalit
  4. Class Sections For Painting: Basic Non Major (ART 103) Fall 2021 Section 70, Starting on: 08/23/2021 . THIS CLASS DOES NOT MEET ON MAIN CAMPUS. PLEASE CONTACT CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. This class meets at the Sandy Campus at 10011 Centennial Parkway, Suite 100, Sandy. For directions call 801.587.2520 or visit https.

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Many types of business majors can lead to fulfilling jobs in the vast business sector. Required foundation courses for a business degree include classes like statistics, English, economics and communication. Business majors may specialize in an area of business that especially interests them Non-Major Enrollment Form. OU Extended Campus welcomes non-majors to enroll in its online courses. Non-major enrollments permissions must be manually completed by OU Extended Campus academic advisors after the below form has been completed and submitted. Please double check that you have the correct course prefix, course number, and student ID. Fall 2021 Dance Courses for Non-Dance Majors. Semester: Fall. Year: 2021. Subj Abbr Course # Sect # Course Title Instructor(s) Meeting Times Institution; DAN : 120 : 01 : Beginning Ballet 1: M W 9:25 AM - 10:40 AM : Smith College : DAN : 130 : 01 : Beginning Jazz Dance.

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Nutrition majors become experts in diet and food. Working with all ages, they assess dietary needs, help education the public, and motivate personal clients to live healthier lifestyles. Many nonprofits today have a public health or nutritional focus Brigitte Yuille has 10+ years of experience in journalism. She is a writer, teacher, author of two e-books, and founder of B.Y. Communications. Most careers in finance involve finding effective. Beginning Class Guitar (open to non-majors during drop/add) MVS 2126: Intermediate Class Guitar: A variety of E-Series (IFS) Courses are also offered. ** Applied music lessons are available on a space-available basis. Contact the Music Registrar (HMU 203, 644-4689) for information.** Legacy Sort. 1

Management majors are required to complete a concentration, which is often related to their professional interests and career plans. Concentration options are: accounting. entrepreneurship. finance. international management. leadership and organizational change. management information systems. marketing The mission of Dance at Illinois is to promote and expand the role of dance in contemporary culture. Utilizing a range of experimental and canonic approaches, we generate choreographic, pedagogical, performative, and scholarly research that shapes educational and public programming. We explore the dynamic intersections between research and teaching in academic, professional, and community. Non-Certification Major and Minor Options Education Studies Major. Download Requirements (PDF) The Education Studies major strives to provide students with an integrated learning experience that will provide them with a strong academic foundation in education, develop culturally competent skills and dispositions in order to be leaders within educational institutions and among children and youth This major, which is an earth science, deals with the study of the solid Earth—mainly the rocks and minerals that comprise it—and the planet's physical and chemical properties. Students take classes in topics such as natural disasters, mineralogy, sedimentology, history of the Earth, environmental science, and climate

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Lives in the Balance advocates for our most vulnerable kids, and helps caregivers see them through more accurate, productive lenses and intervene in evidence-based ways that are collaborative, proactive, non-punitive, non-exclusionary, and effective. Our free resources, trainings, and outreach and advocacy efforts are driving the paradigm shift. Key Takeaways. General biology challenges many first-year students with a new technical language, foreign concepts and massive amounts of content, threatening their progress toward completing college.; BioBook, an interactive e-text designed for non-majors biology courses, relies on a Root-Branch-Leaf node structure that organizes content knowledge and provides a study-test-study-test pattern. Due to COVID-19 causing the shift to online classes, my school is allowing us to switch any classes we want to pass/fail. There's one science class that I think I'm going to get a B+ in, and it's an elective for my major, but not a med school pre-req. If I switch it to pass/fail, it'll still count for everything, and shouldn't affect me negatively Programs & Classes. Butler County Community College offers credit and noncredit degrees, certificates, and classes. Earn your degree and start a career, work toward a 4-year degree, enhance your credentials, or just have fun The pre-licensure curriculum is made up of 12 nursing practice-related courses that prepare the student to take the NCLEX-RN exam. The majority of these courses must be completed in-person on the OSU campus in Columbus. The pre-licensure curriculum is followed by a graduate core curriculum and specialty courses, most of which may be taken online

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The class focuses on techniques, cost, and operational characteristics. For aspiring production managers, directors, and camera and effects specialists. Conducted in a workshop environment where students experience the complexities involved with techniques in use industry-wide The Ohio State University offers over a 100 different undergraduate math courses. The information below will help navigate through the progression of undergraduate math courses at OSU. For a list of all math courses at OSU, course descriptions, and what semesters they are taught, visit Math Courses Category D Courses - General Education (2019 Model) Understanding and Creating Ideas. Below is a list of courses that have been approved by the General Education Committee and UCC

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This includes students who are still deciding upon a major, transitioning between majors, or working on meeting the entrance requirements for a desired major. Undeclared is a non-degree granting program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and undeclared students are expected to transfer to one of the Nebraska undergraduate colleges when. MUS 130 Music Then and Now credit: 3 Hours. Provides non-music majors with basic listening skills, the ability to discuss music intelligently, and an acquaintance with many types of music. Prerequisite: For non-music majors only. This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for: Humanities - Lit & Arts Here are some strategies that can help you choose your classes. 1. Check out your options. Review the course catalog. If you know your major, choose some courses that fulfill general requirements in that area. If you're not sure what you want to study, pick some classes in subjects that spark your interest. 2

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Welcome to the second week of Finance for Non-Finance Professionals! In this week of the course, we will build on the basic valuation tools from week one to start making capital budgeting decisions. Our capital budgeting review covers the basic tools like Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Payback period, and return on capital Opportunities for Non-Music Majors You don't have to be a music major to participate in musical activities offered by the Mary Pappert School of Music. There are several opportunities for students of all majors to continue learning about and performing music Non-Degree Certifications. Non-Degree Certification in Health and Physical Education. Non-Degree Certification in Mathematics Education. Non-Degree Certification in Music Education. Non-Degree Certification in School Nutrition Director. This is a partner program with the College of Family and Consumer Sciences The Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design offers unique undergraduate and graduate degree programs within the University of Michigan

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5 Credits. Formerly BIO 140. An introductory course in the plant sciences. Includes structure and function of plant cells, tissues, organs; growth, reproduction, diversity, evolution, and ecology. Emphasis on local flora and ecology. Primarily for non-science or agriculture majors. See current class schedule > Search our 4-Year Baccalaureate Majors. Penn State provides students academic variety, with more than 275 majors. To help you research your desired program, we have provided multiple search options below. Each major listing includes the name of the major, a brief description, the program's academic college, and its starting and ending campus. A CNA certificate or diploma is perfect for someone who wants to transition to nursing from a non nursing background. The training aims to provide a foundation in nursing and medical care, and it could open the door to pursuing work in the field. Many may use this as a starting point to further education as they pursue RN degree Second Majors for non-BSBA Students 2024 Students pursuing a degree from one of the other undergraduate schools may choose to major in a field of business offered through Olin Business School. Our second major consists of a set of core courses and the specific courses for the major. General Education Requirements (3 minimum units) Math 132. Opinion Columnist. In the spring of 1946, W.H. Auden came to Harvard to read a poem to the university's Phi Beta Kappa chapter. Titled Under Which Lyre: A Reactionary Tract for the Times.

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Program Types. Cadet Majors and Minors When you commit to the cadet experience, you stand out from the rest.; Graduate Programs Evening programs designed for Charleston's working professional. Now offering over 25 graduate degree programs and over 25 graduate certificates. College Transfer Programs Learn tonight, lead tomorrow. College transfer programs for non-traditional students Earn your Penn State degree online. Penn State World Campus offers accredited online college degrees and certificate programs. Learn more about our online undergraduate and graduate programs

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Thursday, July 15, 2021. You can read the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan of the Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. With this start, the college earned bronze status from the ASEE recognition program, and more importantly there is a framework for consistent and steady resources, programming, asessment, and accountabiity to.