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How to whitewash wood with paint! This easy DIY whitewash paint looks great on raw wood and over stained wood. See how it looks on pine, oak, and poplar. And.. I would use the whitewash paint technique if I want to whitewash over paint. Using a stain over paint or any surface with a sealant isn't going to work well because it can't absorb into the wood. For whitewash over stained wood (with no sealant), you can use either white stain or white paint (like I did on my weathered wood gray finish)

Can you whitewash over latex paint? Mix two parts white or light gray latex paint and one part water. Using a paint brush, apply the whitewash mixture in long strokes following the wood grain. Whitewash tends to dry quickly, so work in small sections Whitewash paint, in contrast, is a mixture of 8 or 9 parts water added to 1 part of paint. Thicken or thin with paint to achieve the effect you want. Stir and use immediately. Get the Best Mortgage.. Whitewash is an old technique of painting, but it is far from out-of-date. It will provide your home with a timeless, rustic appearance you can't capture with traditional paint. While the technique is old, it is time-tested, and can benefit your house in ways traditional paint can't. Tulsa White Wash Specialists>> Adding Glaze for a White Wash Look over Painted Furniture - YouTube I'll show you how to create a white wash look using Fusion Mineral Paint's Clear Glaze mixed with a white Fusion colour. I have.. How to White Wash a Dresser with Chalk Paint. How to Paint a Dated Tile Table. View More. Wall Art. Colorful Homeschool Desk Area. 5 Minute DIY Shelf. FREE PRINTABLE! - FALL PRINTS! View More. Wedding Ideas. How to make a Rustic Wood Wedding Centerpiece. Amazing Wedding Invitation Design by Linsey Laidlaw

See Lower Price in Cart. $ 11 98. Add To Cart. BEHR 8 oz. TIS-580 White Wash Pickling Transparent Water-Based Fast Drying Interior Wood Stain. (204) See Lower Price in Cart. $ 6 48. Add To Cart. 1 qt. Rusted Interior Weatherwash Aging Wash Application techniques for whitewash include dry brushing, pickling, basic painting and sanding, and each has its own benefits. Dry brushing uses white paint without watering it down. Wipe most of the paint off the brush and paint materials very lightly. This technique is best for furniture and cabinets Here's how to make the weathered whitewash finish: I start out by covering the already colored wood frames with the Coco color. I only did one light coat and you can see the green a bit through the paint. It actually doesn't look green though, just dark which is perfect. Variation is a good thing

Wipe down the painted project area with a soft cloth or a duster to remove any dust or debris. 2 Cover the work surface with newspaper and set the project piece atop the paper. If the project is a.. Though the term whitewashing gets tossed around for a variety of white finishes, it generally refers to painting a surface (most often wood) with watered-down, white paint. Whitewashing with slaked lime and calcium carbonate paint was used routinely to paint the rough surfaces of dairy barns, which is why the barns are famously white Whitewash a Dark Wood Using a medium-sized paintbrush, mix paint and water in 1 container. Keep 1 container of just water around your work area so you can dilute your mixture if needed. Apply the mixture to the wall using a medium-sized paintbrush Giani Brick Transformations Whitewash Paint for Brick and Fireplaces- 16 oz Pint. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 1,022. $24.95. $24. . 95. Get it as soon as Mon, Jun 14. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

White Washing techniques seem to work best with matte paint. Personally, my favorite matte furniture paint is Fusion Mineral and they have several whites to choose from. You can see a comparison of their white colors here, but Casement is generally their purest white color White washing can really brighten up a piece of furniture and add interest and depth whether you use it on raw wood or over paint. And it's not just for furniture. This paint technique works on almost ANYTHING - wood, brick, plastic, terracotta, fences, fabric even hardware! I may get experimental and try different colors While painting over brick with 100 percent latex paint will give the brick a solid, opaque color, whitewashing mutes the brick's natural color with a translucent finish. The technique preserves the bricks' natural, random variations, depending on how much paint is applied and how each individual brick absorbs it. Click to see full answe

Happy painting! Whitewash is an ideal finish to apply over new, untreated pine. It allows you to appreciate the wood grain without the yellow tint that you get from natural wood. The key is to use a semi-transparent stain (as an opaque stain will look like paint) The more paint the darker the whitewash, the more water the lighter the whitewash. That is only one factor in our whitewashing furniture. If you feel the whitewash paint is too watery you can add a bit more paint. But don't overthink this 😊
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  1. utes. Use a rag to scrub the surface, applying pressure over the wax areas to remove paint. If desired, moisten the rag with water to remove even more paint. If you're working on a large project, it may take more than one day to complete
  2. I dabbed a bit of the thinned green paint on a lint free rag and rubbed the paint wash on all of the raised details. I let the green color wash dry then used a lint free rag to apply a white wash (thinned latex paint) over the green wash. This is where I ran into a problem and I should have known better. I used a green acrylic paint
  3. Whitewash is a form of paint which is made from a mixture of slaked lime, chalk, water, and an assortment of other ingredients. It has been used for hundreds of years to paint various structures around the world, and it continues to be utilized in some regions
  4. Rest assured there's no complicated recipe to follow; rather, making whitewash is a simple matter of diluting regular white paint. Dilute water-based white paint with water and dilute oil-based..
  5. To make the whitewash paint, dilute regular latex paint with some water (1 part water to 2 parts flat white paint). Starting with a very small amount of the whitewash mixture on a paintbrush, brush in the direction of the wood grain. Use long brushstrokes and only apply to a small section at a time. Wipe the excess off the paintbrush each time.

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  1. The good news is that painting over varnished wood is possible using either oil or water-based paints. Similarly, you may ask, can you whitewash over lacquer? The answer is no, you cannot whitewash over a pre-existing finish as the original stain or finish will create a barrier, and the whitewash will not be able to penetrate to the wood
  2. Feb 10, 2013 - Whitewashing furniture creates a gentle distressed or antiqued look by simply applying whitewash or watered down white paint to your furniture. Whitewashed furniture is popular in country or cottage-style homes and decor
  3. How to Paint Over Paint. Sometimes we want to change the look of a piece of furniture that has already been painted. The good news is that you can still whitewash over a painted surface - but the effect may be darker and deeper than other examples of whitewashing
  4. While painting over brick with 100 percent latex paint will give the brick a solid, opaque color, whitewashing mutes the brick's natural color with a translucent finish. The technique preserves the bricks' natural, random variations, depending on how much paint is applied and how each individual brick absorbs it
  5. Whitewashing is a type of surface covering that is used as a sealant typically on farms for the inside of barns and chicken coops. Traditional whitewash is made by mixing powdered lime with water and provides a paint or sealant that is non-toxic and safe for animals
  6. If you are looking for a lighter finish, let the paint dry, and then repeat the whitewashing steps again to lighten it up. The next steps are optional depending on the type of finish you'd like. You can dip just the tip of your brush in white paint, wipe off almost all the paint from your brush, and then quickly glide your brush over some.

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  1. Moore and is the same color that was used on the shiplap walls
  2. When most people think of whitewashing, they think of just an antique form of painting. However, in reality, the homesteaders before us were very intelligent. And they had a reason for doing almost everything they did. Whitewashing was no different. Here are a few things for you to chew over if you are considering whitewashing: 1. It Is Super.
  3. I was getting there, but not quite complete. For my last wash layer, I wanted to do a complete white washwith no gray! So, I used Blackberry House Warm Milk and did another 50/50 mix. I repeated the steps above, wiping the paint back and forth as I went up the table. The right side already had the white wash applied
  4. Next try applying a layer of gray paint mixed with water to a wood that would typically have a yellow undertone, like pine, to mute the color. Once dry, apply a whitewash finish to complete the look. Lastly, apply dark stain to a rough wood. Once dry, apply a whitewash and then scrape off the excess for a weathered rustic look
  5. But for those of you who want a better-than-just-a-guess kind of quantity, here's a general idea: 1 Tablespoon of glaze : 1 teaspoon of paint. This amount will cover approximately a small table similar to the one I use in this video demo: You can see the subtle white wash in the crevices and along the paint lines

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Now it's time to start the whitewashing technique. It's a watered-down paint technique that gives it a more translucent look. You'll want some of that raw brick color to come through, without totally painting over it solid. We used a 2 to 1 ratio, so we added 8 ounces of paint to 16 ounces of water and mixed it altogether Make sure you mix the paint well by stirring with the stick. Every time I put my brush back into the bucket for more paint I gave it a good swirl to keep it mixed. Want a subtle, lighter whitewash? Add 2 parts water, one part paint. If you want a darker, more evenly coated whitewash make it a 1 : 1 ratio of paint and water Whether you choose pickling or whitewashing, both of these techniques simply serve to lighten the color of the wood. Neither offers protection. Once the whitewash has dried, use a clear water-based finish to protect the wood. Gently brush on the clear finish to protect both the wood and the stain. Pickling is the best choice for white-staining oak

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Adding a whitewash over a previously waxed finish using Annie Sloan products. This is Old White over Paris Grey. First dip brush into bowl of water and then into paint and brush on as thick or thin to get desired effect! After it dries, seal again with very light coat of wax #whitewash #howto #diy #painted #howtoaddwash #chalkpaint #anniesloan. Whitewash paint for wood. Mix white paint with water; 1 part white paint to 1 part water. Apply the paint solution in the direction of the grain with a paintbrush or lint free cloth. Use the lint free cloth to wipe the excess paint away. Continue this process until you are pleased with the finish. Apply a sealer after the whitewash is dry Before doing any work, use painter's tape, masking paper, and drop cloths to ensure paint only ends up on the brick. The Old White Cottage: Whitewashing Brick from 4.bp.blogspot.com But what i do have is an amazing client that said, can you whitewash my brick click to watch and see just how to whitewash your fireplace If your personal brand of DIY is rehabbing interior pieces, one thing's for sure—wood whitewash furniture will never go out of style. Rather than lathering on a transformative layer of paint, whitewashing simply adds a muted coating that still maintains the original wood allure.Plus, there's no shortage of surfaces that could reap the benefits of a whitewashed rustic-meets-vintage look.

To whitewash with Chalk Paint, spray water on one section at a time. Get it pretty wet. Then lightly dip the end of the paintbrush ( these brushes are my favorite) in the white Chalk Paint and brush over the wet area. The paint will thin out and might even be runny Secondly, paint over the whitewash with the help of a brush or you can also take the help of an aerosol can of oil-based paint. Give the paint some time to get dried off completely. Finally, sand the wood smoothly with the help of a folded piece of 220-grit sandpaper The look of whitewash cabinets can brighten a room without using paint and allow the wood's natural grain to show through. Certain wood types, like pine, are better suited to whitewashing techniques, but cabinets made of oak can also be whitewashed through a process called pickling Varathane® Whitewash can create a fresh and vintage look on furniture and more. It contains an innovative oil based formula that brightens wood with a shade of white color while allowing the natural grain to show through. Can be applied to bare wood or over a wood stain after it's dried. No wood conditioner required If you paint bare wood, a 1:1 paint to water ratio(50-50) will be fine. It'll give you light coverage. If you whitewash previously painted, or stained surface 2:1 paint to water ratio will provide you with excellent one-coat medium coverage. The 1:2 paint to water ratio is used when you want to rub in the whitewash without wiping the excess off

The first step of whitewashing is to mix water with paint. We added 1 cup of water to about 2 cups of paint and then stirred it well. We started by brushing on the whitewash mixture onto a small stone on the lower side of the fireplace. It was a little darker than we wanted so we used a dry rag to remove some of the excess color I used 2 parts white latex ceiling paint to 1 part water to paint my son's loft bed that my husband built out of 2x4s. It softened the yellow look of the wood, and looks beautiful. I investigated buying the pickling/whitewash product from Miniwax, but the price was around $11. I knew I had plenty of white paint laying around

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  1. Purchase or create the whitewash mixture. You can buy this ready made as wood stain or white wash pickling, or make your own by mixing paint and water. When mixing your own, a 2:1 ratio of latex paint and water will create a very thick layer of whitewash, while a 1:1 and 1:2 ratio result in successively thinner mixes
  2. Mix equal parts paint and water until the paint is semi-transparent. Add more water because thinning the paint allows the wood grain to show through after you apply the white paint. The best type of paint for this job is a latex (water-based) paint. Step 3: Apply the whitewash
  3. Mix equal parts white paint and water in a bucket and whisk it until it is smooth. Clean the stone façade and apply a small patch of whitewash to the stone with a brush. Paint the rest of the stone and let it dry fully so that it can last up to 30 years. Obviously, there's going to be a right way and a wrong way to make your fireplace get.
  4. 1. Whitewashing over another stain or paint finish. I would use the whitewash paint technique if I want to whitewash over paint. Using a stain over paint or any surface with a sealant isn't going to work well because it can't absorb into the wood. For whitewash over stained wood (with no sealant), you can use either white stain or white.
  5. Whitewash It. This is the step that actually achieves the whitewash look. Dip a rag into some denatured alcohol and rub it into the wood to remove some of the top paint layers. Follow the grain when you rub, and when your rag becomes tacky switch it out for a new one; you will need a lot of rags for this step. Use the same pattern on each cabinet

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How is the whitewash holding up over time, and how is whitewashing / painting cedar different from using other woods? I don't think our cedar wood is stained at all, it's probably 30-60 years old so it's definitely aged. Thanks!! Reply. Rachel Paxton says. October 27, 2018 at 1:41 pm stripping and sanding would be needed if you wanted to re-stain it. if you want to whitewash, use a water based product. General finishes has a whitewash in a can. Or, you could also use a watered down white acrylic latex paint 50:50 ratio ) And the other option is just use a chalk paint May 12, 2013 - Recapturing the charm of old furniture. Flea market finds revamped. Crafts, holiday ideas, DIY reno's and home decor From the moment I saw the full wall of red brick, I wanted to whitewash it. Painting or whitewashing brick is serious business. Not easy to remove. But, a year of thinking about it regularly, it was finally time to just jump in. Learn how I whitewash brick and see how dramatic of an impact it makes in the room. (Updated on 1/12/2020) Befor Even in dry weather, however, whitewash flakes off over time, and powders your clothes when you rub against it. The good news is that it leaves no permanent stains. It is also, almost inevitably, white - although in the west of Ireland, I'm told, some farmers painted their houses pink by mixing pig's blood with the wash

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Notes about this whitewash: It will wash off over time if exposed to rain. This is authentic white wash and is not paint and is not permanent: rubs off and sometimes flakes off over time. If you lean against a white washed wall you will end up with white on your clothes. I do not recommend this for home decorating use 4 - Apply the paint using the brush over all the brick and mortar. Start from the top so you can paint over any paint that has dripped. 5- When the paint has dried for about 10-20 minutes but is still damp, spray more water on the brick and wipe with a rag to get a distressed look. 6 - Touch up any areas with paint to get the look you want Part A: Mix 12 pounds salt, 6 ounces of alum and 1 quart molasses dissolved in 1.5 gallons of water. Part B: Mix 50 pounds of the hydrated lime with 5 gallons of hot water. Let this stand for 12 hours. After 12 hours mix Parts A and B together to a brushable consistency. Optional Step: You can add white Portland cement for more durability The painter can also use a wet rag to wipe areas of the paint away, allowing a little bit of the natural brick or wood to peek through the whitewash paint. While limewash is available in a few different shades, whitewashing is just classic white. Other features of whitewashing include: Acceptable for indoor and outdoor us The question is, how do I paint over it? Do I have to seal it, if so what with? Or can I just emulsion straight over it? Also, just one more thing! I've stripped back the old wallpaper off the walls and underneath is the old plaster, once again just guessing, it's horsehair etc. Can I just emulsion over that plaster or would that need to be sealed

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Mistake #7: Painting all at Once . When whitewashing, work in small sections rather than painting the entire thing at once. You want to work in manageable areas so that the wash doesn't have time to try before you have the chance to wipe off the excess. Keep your paint area small enough that you can paint and then wipe within 5 minutes 1 part paint (I used Benjamin Moore's Decorators White) *2 parts water (meaning if you used 2 oz of paint, use 4 oz of water) Paintbrush. Cup. Dry cloth (I used cheesecloth) *The ratio of paint and water may not be important. You just want to water down the paint, so the wood will show through. So don't sweat over the actual measurements

You have about 30 seconds before the paint will be too set to effectively wipe off. So I recommend doing one 'stripe' all the way across the table, and promptly wiping it with your cloth to smear it and take the majority of the primer/paint off. Try not to get any primer/paint on the rounded edge of the table. We will do this part last Can you use semi gloss paint to whitewash? The answer is no, you cannot whitewash over a pre-existing finish as the original stain or finish will create a barrier, and the whitewash will not be able to penetrate to the wood. You can, however, use solid stain over old panelling and it looks terrific As such, a stain-over-paint procedure is not recommended for most concrete structures. That being said, you still have the option to remove the old painted surface and replacing it with a stain coat or two. Doing this will require you to remove all of the old paint by hand, which can often be accomplished with a strong power washer.. Paint is not whitewashing and don't use it for that purpose. The lime in the whitewash is the actual glue that bonds to the brick and the wood on your addition. If you want extra holding power you can actually mix white Portland cement to the whitewash

Whitewashing is perfect for highlighting and brightening natural wood, like with this barley twist table . We wanted a natural finish, and adding a wash to the top brightened it just enough without hiding the grain. When you whitewash, you can either buy a pickling/white stain like this, or you can simply water down some white paint you have Then, when you whitewash, you can see more of that peeking through. Here's the basic process: Stain your wood a medium brown (we used Wheat by Rustoleum with just a touch of Kona to make it a bit darker). Mix up 1 part water to 2 parts flat white latex paint (we used budget ceiling paint from our local hardware store) The second way to whitewash wood with chalk paint is to brush the whitewash onto the wood and keep blending it all over the wood without wiping any of the paint away. The whitewashing mixture needs to be a little more liquid in this case. This technique will produce a denser coverage although the grain will still be visible Step 3: How to White Wash Fireplace Grout. My fireplace grout was dark gray and needed it to be white. If your grout is already white, you can skip this step. What is the Best Paint to Whitewash Brick? For this paint mixture, I use a ratio of one part glaze to one part paint so I combined 1 cup of glaze, and 1 cup of white paint

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Product description. Color: White. Lighten up that special space in your home and makeover your traditional fireplace or exposed brick features with Giani Brick Transformations Whitewashed Kit. Whitewashed compliments any decor and requires little prep to get started. Ideal for fireplaces, brick walls and interior accents, the kit contains. Step one: Mix. Mix a small container of watery white paint that is approximately 2 1/2 parts water to 1 part paint. A little goes a long way so start small, you can always mix more if needed. I also make a second slightly thicker mix (1 1/2 to 1) and work out of both containers Whitewash is applied to trees, especially fruit trees, to prevent sun scald. Most often only the lower trunk is painted. In Poland painting the whole trunk is also said [citation needed] to help keep the body of the tree cool in late winter and early spring months and hence help prevent fruit trees from blooming too soon, i.e. when warm sunny days could promote rapid tree warming, rising sap. Step by step guide to whitewash wood with Chalk Paint®. Add a little water to your Chalk Paint®, making sure to stir well. Apply the thinned paint by brushing it into the wood every which way with a large Chalk Paint® brush to make certain it goes into the grain of the oak. Before the paint has a chance to dry, wipe off the excess several.

Whitewashing is far cheaper than paint (I only paid nine dollars for a fifty pound bag of lime-that'll make a whole lot of whitewash!), and you don't have to worry about any paint fumes. This is most effective when used inside a structure Seal it with water-based poly to protect the wood from everyday use. Oil based poly will amber over time, so be sure to use water- based poly. Bonus! 5. Take it a step or two further with whitewash. The sealer will deepen the wood tone, but whitewash will bring the wood closer to its natural look. 6 Whitewash brick fireplace with latex paint. Photo courtesy Infarrantly Creative* Pros and Cons of Using Latex Paint to Whitewash Brick. Whitewash with latex paint is great for small projects, such as an indoor fireplace you want to be updated. It can give a uniform brightening effect without sacrificing the natural texture of the brick

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Whitewash Paint Technique Using acrylic paint This is such a simple tutorial, but if you're new to DIY and crafting, this is a great way to experiment with creating a natural-looking, time-worn paint effect Just follow the given steps to whitewash your black furniture: Step 1: First mix paint and water in one container before taking a medium-size brush. Step 2: Now, Keep one container of water near yourself so that you can dilute your mixture if needed. It will also help you for cleaning your brush or diluting your mixture Painting and Whitewashing Exterior Brick + PRO: Somewhat less permanent. Using regular paint to cover your brick (or combining paint with water to make a whitewash) is a bit less permanent than some other methods. If you change your mind, you may be able to power wash or sandblast it off - or remove it with stripping agents

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Whitewash is a mixture of white Portland cement and water. Don't use ordinary house paint. It can form a non-breathable film on your stucco, which will cause the paint to pop off when moisture migrates through the wall in the winter. Also, painted stucco needs costly sandblasting before redashing Old Village Simulated White-Wash applies with the ease of latex paints with none of the problems or hazards encountered when using whitewash. It may be used on unpainted or previously painted walls, ceilings, fences and more. Old Village Simulated White-Wash is one of the quality restoration specialty finishes created in response to requests. The recipe is super easy. Mix 50/50 paint and water. To paint my whole fireplace, I used 1.5 cups of paint to 1.5 cups of water. Whisk it together so it is completely blended. You will need a dabbing rag, as well. Initially, I thought I would use a cloth to apply it but soon discovered a brush would give me more of the effect I wanted

the clear coat is the same brand as the whitewash paint to prevent an adverse effect. Fourth Method-Using Antiquing Paint Over Existing Finishes. You can purchase antiquing that comes in a whitewash. Some recommend Sherman Williams, Duron, or Pittsburg Paint. If you desire for the grain to show through, you will have to remove the existing. If you feel like you applied too much paint, go over the bricks with a sander to make the brick color show through the whitewash a little bit more. If your whitewash was too liquidy due to the paint and water proportions you chose (1 part of water to 1 part of paint for instance) and the finish is too see-through, you may apply a second coat of it If you are applying your wash over a wood piece versus over a layer of Chalk Paint®meaning you had a wood dresser and just wanted to do a white wash over it.once the wash has dried, give it 24 hours before applying your top coat to allow the chemistry in the paint to do its job and adhere better For whitewashing projects, choose a latex (or water based) paint. To create the whitewashing mixture, equal parts paint and water are combined. Bricks absorb moisture, so this helps them hold the color for longer. Your whitewashing pattern doesn't have to be uniform; the variegated look is what adds the charm

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The most popular ways to whitewash wood? 1) Paint it white all-over, and wipe off excess paint with a rag. Or, 2) Mix paint and water and apply that solution with a brush or rag to the wood. Whitewashing is essentially applying a light white coating over, usually, bare wood surfaces letting some of the wood grain show through. You can make a type of whitewash from our White chalk paint by watering down the chalk paint and applying lightly to the surface in the direction of the grain. Before the paint dries you can mist it with some water and lightly rub back in patches until it is. The two coats with the green looks like you did a crappy paint job or used whitewash. the single coat with green looks smoother and more finished even without sanding. I vote for the middle sample. It takes out the red undertones but allows the wood to show better since red oak is a beautiful wood to start with

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2 - Locate and sand any really rough spots, spackle and sand any holes. 3 - Paint over the knotholes (just in case the poly is not stain-proof) with alcohol-based shellac primer. 4 - Prime it and paint it. Sit back and enjoy the nice clean white walls. Sort by: Oldest How to Whitewash Exterior Brick in 3 Easy Steps! Last year we spent a great deal of time trying to spruce up the exterior of our home. Hubby started the long and tedious process of painting the house (he still has some trim on the second floor to finish)-while I focused my attention on the concrete front porch floor and our deck Brush the paint mixture over the stain, working in small spaces. Step 5. Wipe off paint mixture after about 30 seconds with a lint-free rag. You don't want the paint to sit on the stain too long or you won't get the grayed effect you're going for. Step 6. Continue painting and wiping over the whole piece until it's covered and looks. Persian Blue and Whitewash Water Based Stain Cabinet. Said Your Way Studio & Signs, GF's 2017 July Retailer of the Month finished this Amish made cabinet with Persian Blue Milk Paint, Whitewash Water Based Stain and High Performance Topcoat. Stop by Said Your Way Studio at 1013 W. 7TH ST Step 2: Whitewashing. Whitewashing the bricks really is a simple process. Keep in mind that you don't have to use white paint; you could also grey-wash, or black-wash, or purple-wash - whatever your heart desires! Keep in mind lighter colors reflect more sunlight, while darker colors absorb heat

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Whitewash paneling before and after, dark tired old wall into their first you like to cure for whitewashing walls the mixture in order to terms with resolution 1000px x 512px. Committing after youve painted thats it over the before applying whitewash your surface allow the best primer for many additional coats as i bought a small dog house. How to white wash shiplap is definitely one of the top 5 questions I get asked the most over on Instagram. Similarly, I get asked a bunch about how to white wash wood furniture. (Oh, and, in case you missed it, in my last blog post, I answered the most popular question of all: The Blue Striped Poufs Everyone Asks Me About: Where to Buy Them ! I left spaces, letting the paint adhere and dry for a few seconds, and then went back to spread it with the brush. This has the effect of giving a natural distressed texture to the finish, as the level of paint is slightly more or less over the span of the cabinet panel. The chip brushes worked best for creating the desired affect

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