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Deosect is a cypermethrin spray concentrate for the control of flies and lice on horses. Deosect concentrate is diluted at 10ml per 500ml of water. Apply 500ml per horse with sponge or handsprayer. Use monthly for general fly control or in severe cases use every two weeks Deosect Spray must be diluted and mixed with water to make a solution just before use. A knapsack, hand sprayer or a sponge may be used to apply the solution. The solution should be used within 24 hours. Avoid spraying directly into animals eyes. One litre (2 pints) of Deosect should be diluted with 50 litres (11 gallons) of water

Deosect active ingredient is cypermethrin, a synthetic biocide, used in lots of fly killer sprays and rat killing poison. It requires diluting before use. Used this on my mare and gelding for midges a couple of yrs ago, as indicated, in the form of a equine fly spray and the mare had hives head to foot, sloppy poop, while gelding unaffected Therapeutic indication: Pharmaceuticals: Ectoparasiticides: For sheep. Active ingredient: Cypermethrin alpha. Product: Dysect® Sheep Pour-On. Product index: Dysect Sheep Pour-On. Sheep - meat: 49 days. Withdrawal notes: Not to be used in sheep producing milk for human consumption. Next IVERMECTIN Injection is a clear, ready-to-use, sterile solution containing 1% ivermectin, 40% glycerol formal, 1.5% benzyl alcohol (preservative), and propylene glycol, q.s. ad 100% Our Aussie has Advocate every month in the summer and they are a breed affected by MDR1, however we had him tested before using any products on him that could be a problem. He came back as N/N (Normal) therefore does not carry the mutation and it is perfectly safe to use these types of drug on him Shield is a pour-on fly repellent for horses and is the only pour-on fly repellent for horses available. It aids in the control of synthetic pyrethroid susceptible nuisance flies and biting insects and aids in the control of Queensland itch in horses.Features of Shield: Quick and easy to apply. Cheaper per applicatio

How to Use. There are three methods for using coconut oil to kill fleas. Mix coconut oil with your dog's favorite shampoo 50:50 ratio. Bathe your dog like usual but allow the shampoo to sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Rub coconut oil directly into your dog's coat, allow it to sit for at least 5-10 minutes, then bathe your dog. The clinic now has a staff of seventeen full time equine veterinary surgeons - six of whom have post graduate qualifications in equine related disciplines including two European Diploma holders. Please ring the office on 01543 262464 for out of hours assistance or our equine office on 01283 799700 to book routine call outs Switch contains a unique formulation with Permethrin as the active ingredient at a concentration of 4%. The unique non-greasy formula also contains another insect killing/repellent ingredient Butyl Dioxitol. Frequently Asked Questions. Is it effective against deer ticks. Yes, this is a long-lasting insecticide which rapidly kills biting insect

Flea treatment. Easily get rid of fleas on your dog or cat by using the best treatments for your pet. Fleas can survive without a host for many months, even in the cleanest of homes. How to find out if your pet has fleas and follow our steps to a flea-free home today Product name : DIMENSION ™ 2EW Herbicide Issue Date: 08/25/2016 Page 3 of 13 General advice: First Aid responders should pay attention to self-protection and use the recommended protective clothing (chemical resistant gloves, splash protection) Nexmectin Horse Wormer Paste 7.49g (Single Syringe) From: £4.13 to £4.86. Save up to 15% with multibuy options. Nexmectin 18.7mg/g Oral Paste for Horses is for the treatment and control of internal parasite infections due to large and small strongyles, ascarids, pinworms, neck threadworms, and.. Spot On's active ingredient is deltamethrin which has the following benefits: Improved stability in direct sunlight, rainfast, same low volume dose for all sized animals - just 10ml. A single spot - no need to run along animal's back, oil based solution spreads rapidly - reaches most body parts within 2 hours. LICENCED FOR CATTLE & SHEEP ONLY 5 of 12. Best Organic Stick. Botanik Wild Lavender Natural Deodorant for Women. amazon.com. $13.99. SHOP NOW. This natural deodorant by Botanik is crafted with organic ingredients for safe application day after day. The formula contains just six organic and natural ingredients, none of which are aluminum

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DECTOMAX ® Injectable is a ready-to-use, colorless to pale yellow, sterile solution containing 1% w/v doramectin (10 mg/mL). In cattle, DECTOMAX is formulated to deliver the recommended dosage (200 mcg/kg of body weight) when given by subcutaneous (SC) or intramuscular (IM) injection at the rate of 1 mL/110 lb. of body weight You need something that is going to calm the inflammation and treat the infection. Products that use anti-bacterial ingredients like ketoconazole, tea tree oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and rosemary oil are good options

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