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If your iPhone shows a blue screen, there are a couple of potential culprits. Multi-tasking might be the common cause of blue screen of death on iPhone. Or, an app you just downloaded from Apple Store might be experiencing a compatible issue and causes the death Getting an iPhone blue screen can be a nightmare for plenty of Apple users. It usually happens when a device is bricked and becomes non-responsive. Most of the time, even an unstable update or a malware attack can also cause the iPhone blue screen of death. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to fix this issue as well

This is what the blue screen on your iPhone is technically known as. It's not only the camera app; such a screen can appear for a variety of reasons. • Multitasking between apps. If you are continuously switching between applications like iWorks, Keynote or Safari, such an iPhone blue screen may appear You are using an app on your iPhone when all of a sudden, the screen turns blue and then the iPhone reboots. This is called the blue screen of death (BSOD) since it doesn't let you use your device

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  1. you can triple click your home button to disable it. it's part of the accesibilty. it might have turned on accidently during the update goto settings>general>accessibility>switch control and disable switch control and auto scannin
  2. Quite a few iPhone users faced an issue known as blue screen of death. What happens here is quite strange - you are using one of the apps, and all of a sudden, the screen on your iPhone turns into blue color and your phone reboots. What's more, it happens every time when you launch a particular app
  3. All the iPhone users may relate to the blue box issue that appears on the screen and cause an interruption in your surfing. It is an issue in which a rectangular box keeps jumping on the screen, and you can't do anything about it. This rectangular jumping box looks very annoying, and that's why people want to get rid of it as soon as possible
  4. HELP! iPhone screen went purple/blue. So my phone went blue a few days ago, and I plugged it into my computer and had to do a restore. Everything was fine after that. I woke up this am and my phone wouldn't turn on. So I plugged it into my computer and it said it was in recovery mode. I tried to restore, but I got an The iphone could not be.

iPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the recovery mode screen. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPod touch (7th generation): Press and hold the Top (or Side) and Volume Down buttons at the same time See how you can fix color tint on iPhone 11 pro running iOS 13. The color tint normally come as a red, pink, yellow, green or blue tint on the screen.iOS 13... Colors on my iPhone display seemed to be completely distorted. I began to wonder what went wrong with the screen and why it looked so blurred. But just when too many inauspicious things started running in my mind, one of the highly appreciable Accessibility features struck the wisdom

When this is enabled, the intensity of bright colors is significantly reduced, resulting in a dim iPhone screen. Other reasons might include auto-brightness not working, a bug in iOS, enabling zoom, a faulty iPhone screen, and more. But before moving on, consider the following basic points which may cause the issue. 1 The clock at the top-left corner of your screen has blue shading around it when you have your Personal Hotspot turned on and a device is connected to it. It can also turn on when an app is using your location, or when you are mirroring your screen. You can turn the Personal Hotspot on or off at any time, and you can even change the password Apple experts David and David explain why your iPhone screen is glitching and show you how to fix the problem for good.This problem can be the result of a so.. There are times when the blue screen appears on the least expected time. One thing that can help you get out of the issue is to do a manual restart by holding the Home and Power button together of your device. Keep holding the buttons until the screen turns off. It should turn on back again, displaying the Apple logo Some of the users reported that the blue screen issue happens when they use Pages, Numbers or Keynote. Pressing the Home button while you are editing a document can cause iPhone to crash, and then followed by a blue screen and reboot. The workaround to this problem is disable iCloud from synchronizing with iWork apps

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You have cracked the screen my friend. The blue ink is the liquid crystal (the 'LC' in LCD). It can be fixed by removing the battery. You would need to have the complete screen replaced. >>>CLICK HERE<<< for a YouTube of how the repair is performed. Unfortunately, the LCD screen is not cheap. About $225 So i take my phone out my pocket and i see a blue screen of death and it starts fading purple, i turned the phone off and now it won't turn on. I plugged it into my computer and I'm doing an iTunes restore now. As I'm typing this the apple logo just came on the screen. I guess it should work after this, But wow I wonder why that happened My iPhone screen is flickering after dropping iPhone Screen Flashing. If your iPhone screen flashes within 30 days since you bought it, you can replace a new one at the local Apple Store directly. However, what if your iPhone screen is flickering and unresponsive after the warranty service? Fortunately, you can get several detailed solutions.

Using one of these iPhone settings will help to limit the amount of blue light emitted from your screen, which is a good idea to do to help protect your natural circadian rhythm (wake-sleep cycle). However, I would use one of these iPhone settings in conjunction with also wearing a good pair of 100% blue light blocking glasses for adults or. BSOD is short for Blue Screen of Death, which means your Android phone got stuck on blue screen and you cannot turn it off. It may restart by itself after a while but then turn to blue screen once again. This problem can happen once every week or month, which makes the phone user pretty boring 1. Plug Your iPhone to the Battery Charger. If you tried switching on your iPhone by pressing the power button, but it just won't turn on, then it could be that the battery has been drained completely. Plug in your iPhone to the charger. If the charging screen appears, then it means that your battery was drained completely and you should wait. Then an alert came on my iPhone 5s about to upgrade to iOS 10, I OK it, then the problem occurred i.e. crashing with a blue screen and then restarting and screen will start flickering, lines were appearing on screen and I will either get a Blue Screen or a White Screen or other different colours While some would advocate for cutting out screen time at night altogether, an alternative to that is to make it so that your iPhone display doesn't give off as much blue light. Here's how to turn.

Does your iPhone/iPad screen look like it's in a x-ray or negative mode? If so, there is a good chance the Invert Colors option is turned on. Here is how you can turn that option off if you accidentally enabled it: 1) Go to Settings and then tap General.. 2) Tap the Accessibility option. 3) There is an Invert Colors. On ocassion your carrier may fail to deliver the message via APNs protocol, in which case it defaults to SMS protocol. This is where you see the green color when it sends via SMS instead of APNS

What iPhone do you own? If it has iOS 11 (i believe), go to accessibility, something named with colours. You will see three sliders. 1 for red, green and blue. Make sure those are all the way to the right. That should be the case by default. If th.. The other method of resetting the iPhone is to attach it to a laptop or desktop via a USB cable and go through iTunes. Connect the phone to a desktop or laptop. Launch iTunes. When your phone is detected, click on the iPhone button on the left-hand side of the screen. Under the Summary tab, you'll see the option that says Restore iPhone. I dropped my phone, a couple of months old Samsung Galaxy 3, the screen is now all but dead, just a sad black and blue. It's not insured. Am I screwed or is there someone than can fix it How to turn off blue light on iPhone using Night Shift Filtering or turning off blue lights on the iPhone using Night Shift is meant to help users get a better night's sleep. Here's the procedure

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  1. For the iPhone 6S and earlier models, do the following. Press and hold down the Power button. At the same time, press the phone's Home button. Wait for the Apple logo to show up on the display. The phone should now reset. If the hard reset has failed to stop your iPhone's screen from flashing or flickering, then go on to the next step
  2. Step 2. Restart your iPhone. Turning your iPhone off and on again is an effective solution for a wide range of problems. If your iPhone screen keeps turning green, try closing down every app and restarting the device before moving on to more extreme solutions. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or double-click the Home button) to view.
  3. gly out of the blue. If you've experienced this yourself, you know how jarring, weird, funny, and sometimes outright creepy it can.
  4. When compared to the iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel problem, the constant spinning circle on the top left of iPhone is more common. This is the reason we have decided to outline the solutions to the spinning wheel next to WIFI issue first. Before we show you the solutions to this problem, let's see what the rotating circle on my iPhone might mean
  5. You may have noticed that some of your iPhone text messages have either a blue or green background. A blue background means that the message exchange is happening via iMessage with another iOS device (an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, etc). These messages are sent through your cellular provider's data network or via WiFi (no cell service needed), and text message rates don'
  6. I turn off blue light in the evening until the morning so that if I have to look at my phone, it won't wake me up so much. Note that after you follow these instructions, your iPhone or iPad will have a brownish twinge to it because the blue light is turned off. You want that
  7. Steps For iPhone X. Step1: Press the Side key of your iPhone X and volume + or - key & hold them mutually. Step2: Once a slider appears on the screen, drag it & turn it into the iPhone X. Step3: After that, you have to press & hold Side Button once more to restart your iPhone X. Steps For iPhone 8 or Earlier. Step1: Press the top or side button & hold the button until a slider appears on the.

If your iPhone keeps showing the Apple logo and turning off, don't panic. This problem is more common than you think. In most cases, you can repair it without having to go to a mobile phone technician. Before anything else, let's first discuss why your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo How to Fix an iPhone that Won't Power Off . Before you try any of these steps, first you should try the standard way of turning off your iPhone.For older iPhone models, hold down the Sleep/Wake button and then swipe the Power Off slider. If you have a newer iPhone, press and hold the Side button and the Volume down button until the slider appears iPhone Touch Screen Not Working My iPhone touch screen is not working. My iPhone touch screen is unresponsive after an iOS 11 update. A true example from discussions.apple.com is shown here: Well, recently my iPhone's screen just decided to not work, as in the touch functions do not work If you left your iPhone sitting unlocked, or have friends and family that like to play pranks, you may be stuck with an overly orange screen out of the blue. Or worse, your screen is normal most of the time, but seems to randomly change its tint in certain parts of the day Q1: I need help!! I recently got an iPhone x from my dad and the screen is super glitch!! I'm posting a video about it please help!!! it's dead by the way. —Pastel edits. Q2: My iPhone ex S half of its screen doesn't work I'm only left with this it's yours me a green lid light I hope one day I will fix it. —Ledian Hark

If you're seeing a black screen from your iPhone device and it's not turning on even after several long presses on the Sleep/Wake button, you can suspect that it's now suffering from the Black Screen of Death issue. Let's explore the reasons why this has happened and how you can fix such problem Connect your iPhone to the computer with the lightning cable. Open iTunes on the PC and wait for the system to detect your connected device. An iPhone icon on the upper-left side of iTunes will appear. Now, click on the iPhone icon then click on the Restore button. Sign out from the Find My iPhone Software vs. Hardware: Why Is My iPhone 8 Screen Black? Before we begin, it's important to know that there could be a software or hardware issue making your iPhone 8 screen black.. If the software on your iPhone 8 completely crashed, it can make the screen turn completely black and make it appear as if your iPhone 8 is off The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus screen won't turn on at random times for different people, but the common problem is that the screen fails to wake up. There are several different ways to try to solve the blank screen problem on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, follow the instructions below to learn how to fix the black screen on the Apple.

Do NOT wipe the iPhone yet. Run Decipher Backup Repair, select My wifi and/or bluetooth won't turn on. Click next, and select the backup you just made. Follow along with the repairs all the way to the Time to Restore screen. Ensure that no complaints about encryption errors or missing files are shown during the repairs Method 4. Fix iPhone Red Screen Problem with FoneLab. Use FoneLab iOS System Recovery to solve the iOS software issues including iPad white sceen, red screen, blue screen, frozen iPhone, iPhone won't turn on and more in just a few clicks. Most importantly, It won't change or delete any data stored on your device. Let's see how this. Step 3: Turn on your iOS device. Make sure to press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. 3 rd Solution Refresh your Bluetooth. Step 1: Go to your iPhone's Settings. Select the Bluetooth option. Step 2: Turn off your Bluetooth. Step 3: Wait for a few minutes before turning it on again Why is my screen black and my iPhone not turning on? There are a number of reasons why your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad might have a black screen and isn't turning on. Any of the following reasons can be the root cause: The battery has lost all of its charge; The device is completely powered down; The storage drive is damaged; A glitch in iO Therefore, turning off Low Power mode is another effective way to fix Siri not working issue. To turn it off, go to Settings, scroll down the screen and find Battery. Tap on it. On the Battery window, turn off the Low Power Mode. If your iPhone battery life is less than 25%, you need to plug it to the power source

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  1. Let's see how we can stop iPhone from turning off, sleeping, or locking automatically. Let's begin. 1. Raise to Wake Your Phone. You don't have to press a button to turn on the screen in the.
  2. Re: Why does the volume on my iphone keep turning itself down? If you have an iPhone 6, 7and Plus, you have a 3 Volume buttons: 1 to lower; 1 to raise and 1 to lock Mute. Unfortunately my left thumb fits naturally on my 7 Plus, and accidentally lowers my volume to zero
  3. For example, when using Maps, or Find My iPhone, or any of the other apps that use location services, an arrow icon will show up in the upper right corner of your screen. Check out the products.
  4. utes but it wont turn off until I exit my application
  5. Problem Statement: The iPhone 6s screen is blue.I tried restarting and updating it but it didn't work. No sudden rebooting has occurred. Related Problem: I dropped my phone earlier but it had a case on and it was not physically damaged but it will not turn on.I try to hold the power button and home button to restart it but it just goes from a black screen to a dark bluish screen
  6. A number of iPhone 5s owners are reporting that their new smartphones are displaying the feared blue screen of death (BSOD) after using certain apps before launching into a reboot
  7. Schedule Night Shift on your iPhone. Night Shift changes your screen display to a warmer color temperature at night to help you get a better sleep. Blue light is a major cause of eye strain from digital screens, and a warmer display will reduce the amount of blue light

Now playing: Watch this: Explained: Blue vs. green iPhone messages 0:55 If you own an iPhone, you may have noticed something odd in the Messages app: Some messages are blue and some are green Launch the phone app and open the keypad. Tap the following keys: #0 #. A diagnostic screen pops up with buttons for a variety of tests. Tapping the buttons for Red, Green, or Blue paints the.

3. Tap Voice Control. (Image credit: Tom's Guide) 4. Toggle Voice Control on. Now that Voice Control is active, you'll see a blue microphone icon appear next to the clock in the upper-left. A computer in proper working state shouldn't blue-screen at all, but no software or hardware is perfect. Even a properly functioning computer may blue screen on rare occasions for no apparent reason—possibly as the result of rare driver bugs or hardware issues. If your computer is regularly blue-screening, you have a problem The iPhone automatically updates apps when a new version is released. If a blue dot appears next to one of your apps, it means that app has recently been updated. Running the app for the first time after the update will remove the blue dot. For instructions on how to enable or disable automatic app updates click here . tags: General So did the iOS 12.4 However, you just find something strange: the new iOS WiFi always on or the WiFi automatically turns on. Why does my WiFi keep turning on in iOS 13/12/11? Keep reading to get the reason and a quick fix. Why iOS 13/12/11 WiFi Turns On by Itself. In the new iOS Control Center, you can easily turn on/off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Step 1: Hard reset your phone. To abruptly turn off the iPhone and switch it back on might fix some software crashes. For iPhone 8 and newer models- volume up button, then press and release the volume down button. Then hold down the side button till the Apple logo appears on the screen. For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus- Press and hold the volume down. Settings. Before doing anything: Quit the Messages app (Double press your home button and swipe up on the Messages app).; Go to Settings > Messages and Turn OFF and then back ON your iMessage option.; Now open back Message and try to send a message to your friend 's iPhone, but make sure to use the button at the Top-Left corner to find your friend and start the conversation, don't just open.

Fix 3: Turn off Auto-Brightness. The Auto-Brightness feature uses the ambient light sensors to automatically adjust the brightness in your iPhone screen. Sometimes this feature may be the cause of your iPhone screen flickering issue. So you can turn off this feature in your device. On your iPhone, launch the Settings app The way the filter affects your iPhone is shown by the three images at the top of the Color Filters screen. Swipe through the three images to see how the filter will affect the look of your phone. How to change Color Tint. You can change the color tint of your iPhone or iPad's entire screen if you have light or color sensitivity. Here's how By minimizing the blue light from the screen, Night Shift can dramatically preserve your sleep cycle by allowing your brain to tell you when it's time to hit the hay. Here's how to turn it on

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Yes my ex husband has been hacking my iPhone 5 as I've seen what he's looked up the screen will change by self ect and it'll be 100 per at 9.00am then by 12.00 it's dead,how is he doing it I'm hooked up with Donestic Viokence and he's also managing to make up text messages sent to him from me making it look like it was me I have to try stop him as court will be involved and he also. Apple routes iMessages based on a user's Apple ID. Therefore, anyone with an iPad or a Mac computer can send iMessages. However, because the iPad or Mac computer does not have access to a cell phone control channel, it can not send regular SMS text messages. Beginning with iOS 8.1, Apple included a feature called Text Message Forwarding, which will forward SMS text messages from an iPhone to.

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  1. Part 3. Fix Pink/Blue/Black Lines on iPhone Screen without Data Loss. The best solution to get rid of the pink/black/blue/ lines on your iPhone screen, especially if there is no physical damage to the device, is using FoneGeek iOS System Recovery. It is an ideal tool to help fixing all kinds of software related issues on your iOS device
  2. My iphone 5 also had the same problem, it has 2lines on left side and I can't tap there. even if it is a temporary problem, because sometimes it works fine. please guide what I can do for it because I don't think that my screen have cracked. Thank Yo
  3. Which is why people often perceive a yellowing of the screen when they turn it on. The light in most indoor environments is on the warm/red/orange end of the color temperature scale, so the display warms up the colors to match the ambient lighting
  4. iPhone: Press and hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time until the phone shuts down. Even after the screen goes blank, continue holding down these buttons until the Apple logo shows up on the display. Once that happens, you can release the buttons, and the phone should open to your home screen
  5. How to use Amazon Alexa on your iPhone. 1. Download and install the Amazon Alexa app. 2. Open the Amazon Alexa app. (Image credit: Amazon) 3. Tap the Alexa icon at the top of the app. The first.
  6. In other words, when Bluetooth is enabled, I don't receive any notifications on my iPhone when locked. When I disable Bluetooth, the notifications appear on my lock screen as expected. Source. My Apple Watch and iPhone 11 pro max appear to work as they are supposed to except when I am on Bluetooth then neither device alerts me when I have a text
  7. Note that even if you don't use a schedule, whatever you set for the Turn Off At value is when iOS will turn off Night Shift, even if you enable it manually. When you're done, tap the blue Night Shift link (or Back link in iOS 11) in the upper left corner to return the main settings menu

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A green background means that the message you sent or received was delivered by SMS through your cellular provider. It also typically went to a non-iOS device such as an Android or Windows phone. Sometimes you can also send or receive green text messages to an iOS device. This happens when iMessage is turned off on one of the devices My screen displays all colors but overall it has some sort of blue tint. For example, if I see a black and white photo on my screen you can clearly see it isn't 100% black and white but it also has some kind of blue tint over it. It's hard to explain but I hope someone can help me fix this. It's really annoying and my eyes are getting tired of it My phone has colored vertical lines on half of the screen, and I don't know why or how to fix it. I've tried resetting it, and it did not work. My phone is cracked.. but it's been cracked for over a month and this has never happened before. I didn't drop it or anything. I just picked it up and saw the lines. I left it sitting for a while, thinking that they might go away.. but, nope Applied to: iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X. Why does my iPhone music keep pausing and skipping since updated to iOS 11. Many users have reported that the iPhone music keeps pausing or skipping on its own since upgraded to iOS 11, no matter it's iOS 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 or 11.4

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Hi, My phone iPhone 11SE took a six foot fall in the night and I woke with the black and white screen phenomena. #%£¥. This is the fix that worked. I thought my phone was broken :(. Now I feel pretty smart due to my ability to follow these perfect instructions on how to correct the problem. I always check my iPhone 7 within five minutes of waking up but this time the screen is completely black. I hold down the lock and home button multiple times but is of no use. Immediately I kept my phone on the charger and fortunately, it turned on but is stuck on the Apple logo for like 4 hours and nothing else The strength of the blue light depends on your preferences. The higher the percentage the more blue light you are filtering and the warmer the screen will become. When the blue light filter is set to 100% the screen will most likely turn orange. 50% is average, I use 55% and have noticed a positive result with my sleep pattern Q: My iPhone X has been stuck in a boot loop for a couple of days (flashing apple logo every few seconds). About 20 minutes ago, somehow, it just randomly turned on, and was working completely fine. So, I plugged it into my Mac, and started backing it up just in case

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Below find out how to turn off and turn on Bluetooth on iPhone. Method 1: Turn iPhone Bluetooth OFF and ON In Your Settings App. Open Settings app and then tap on Bluetooth. Toggle the switch to OFF position next to Bluetooth. (The switch is grey, means the Bluetooth is turned off) They tell us the iPhone is perfect, but users scrutinize every detail and eventually find faults. In most situations the iPhone 5 seems to take best-in-class pictures. If you plan to take a lot of.

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Phone screen black is a common issue with iPhone, the basic case it that phone can't turn on or phone is running but the screen is black. Here we will talk about how to fix iPhone 8/8 Plus black screen issue. We may encounter these cases that iPhone screen is black: When you take out your phone, the screen is black and the phone can't turn on Whatever the case may be, your iPhone is perfectly capable of reading nearly any text you select back to you. All you first need to do is enable this feature in Settings. Turn on iPhone's Speech Function. To turn on the iPhone's speech function, open Settings

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If it doesn't, quitting the Camera app from the App Switcher and restarting it from the Home screen may fix this problem, but you can also try a forced restart of your iPhone if that doesn't work by pressing and holding the power button and Home button simultaneously for ten seconds or until the device restarts on its own.. If the problem is related to the hardware itself, as in something. Hello, So my 7th generation ipad keeps going to the apple logo and then like a black screen and it does that until it dies so i plug it up and then it will turn on and do it again it has been doing this for a week now i already tried to connect it to my computer and try to update it and that didn't work i also tried to Hard Reset it that also didn't work i watched about a thousand Youtube. 3. Restore to Factory Settings via iTunes (Data Loss) If none of the previous steps get your iPhone to turn on, you can try restoring to factory settings via iTunes. 4. Contact Apple Support. Even if you haven't tried the previous steps, you should check to see if your iPhone is still under warranty with Apple