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I would describe Liquid as atmospheric, chilled-out, and highly melodic drum and bass. Liquid usually also has sampled instruments in the melody like Piano or Guitar, as opposed to all out synths. Some good Liquid artists to check out would - Naibu, Seba, Calibre, dBridge, Blu Mar Ten, Logistics, Tokyo Prose, High Contrast, etc. 2 An example of a D&B song in the subgenre of liquid D&B. Drum and bass (also written as Drum&Bass or drum'n'bass and commonly abbreviated as D&B, DnB, or D'n'B) is a genre of electronic music characterised by fast breakbeats (typically 165-185 beats per minute) with heavy bass and sub-bass lines, samples, and synthesizers

Liquid A smoother drum'n'bass sound, liquid is characterised by its crisp beats, funk riffs, house influences, Rhodes keyboards and jazz samples Drum and bass is a veritable melting pot of styles and influences. It emerged out of the UK rave scene in the mid-90s as an evolution of breakbeat hardcore, a hard-hitting style of EDM then popular at UK clubs and parties. Artists experimented heavily with new sounds, while also plundering samples from classic records Best of drum and bass mix 2020 . Our fifth year dnb mixes! I hope you all enjoy this one as much as our previous drum & bass mixes. Happy listening!Thanks. Liquid Drum and Bass is the most versatile and enduring subgenre of Drum and Bass or D'n'B, which pioneering artist Goldie once called The Bastard Child of electronic music. Its roots go back to the early 90s when something special was brewing in the UK music scene. From Pirate Radio & Illegal Rave Parties To The Biggest Club Mixed by Q-LeeFeel free to subscribe, like, and comment. EnjoyFollow Q-Lee:https://www.facebook.com/DedicatedToYouByQLeehttp://www.mixcloud.com/QLee/https://..

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  1. Welcome to our second 24/7 playlist ''Drum & Bass Non-Stop Liquid - To Relax/Chill to'. Get involved in the chat room and spread love sound tracked by your H..
  2. Featuring samples from 170 to 175 BPM, 'Hybrid Liquid' is suitable for Liquid and any kind of Drum&Bass but also Deep Dubstep, UK Garage, House and beyond. Just check the demo track and loops and get ready to add a highly useful tool to your Liquid collection
  3. Drum & Bass is a very dynamic genre. It has evolved so much since the '90s but is still grounded in acoustic elements. In this blog, I will walk through a more synthetic style of D&B - liquid D&B. For a more detailed walk-through of sample design, check out Stephane's blog called Drum and Bass Elements
  4. If motivation and a swift mood enhancer is what you're after, then liquid drum 'n' bass is a simple solution. A deep dive on YouTube or liquid playlist later, you'll be sparked into life in no time. Playful melodies, samples, synth work and vocals combine like a dream with rolling Amen breaks
  5. My last liquid drum & bass track that I personally finished had 35 channels in total: The 35 channels included groups and my reference track channel. Step 6: Mixing & Mastering. The process of mixing DnB has to be done in a very particular way, otherwise, you can end up with a weak and messy track
  6. Liquid Drum and Bass Mix #138Mixed by Q-LeeFollow Q-Lee:https://www.facebook.com/DedicatedToYouByQLee/http://www.mixcloud.com/QLee/https://soundcloud.com/q-l..

Mixed by Q-LeeFeel free to subscribe, like, and comment. EnjoyFollow Q-Lee:https://www.facebook.com/DedicatedToYouByQLee/http://www.mixcloud.com/QLee/https:/.. Drum and bass (also written as drum 'n' bass, or drum & bass, and commonly abbreviated to D&B, D+B, DnB or D'n'B) is a type of electronic music which emerged in the mid-1990s. The genre is characterized by fast breakbeats (typically between 160-180 beats per minute, occasional variation is noted in older compositions), with heavy bass and sub-bass lines. Drum and bass began as an offshoot of. what are the best key/s to write drum n bass in. I use the black keys for dark D&B. White keys are for liquid. for minimal I always use the black one furthest to the left. I hope this helps . Reactions: DeepNBeeper. Oct 4, 2010. Full Clip Audio www.EricRacy.com. 11,895 Posts Around the year 2000, Drum and Bass DJ Fabio began, via his Radio One show, to draw attention to a new sound in drum and bass, releasing a compilation, Liquid Funk, as a showcase of it, from which the genre got its name.Thanks to his efforts the genre caught on and began to thrive, with the artists inspired by him developing it into a distinct subgenre The most identifiable characteristics are the drums: 1. 140bpm + but usually between 150 - 190bpm. 2. Syncopated and Rythmic fast drum breaks. 3. Building blocks of a punchy kick, a cracking snare, and a cymbal. 4. Drum patterns that look like thi..

Liquid Drum and Bass. 58,192 likes · 17 talking about this. Promotional page of liquid funk, soulful dnb, jazz dnb, atmospheric dnb, deep dnb and other chill music since 2009 Representing the best of Japan's drum 'n' bass scene, Makoto's 70's jazz and soul influences have served him well in a career that has been firmly in the liquid camp since the late 90's. UK producer A-Sides is a stalwart of the drum 'n' bass scene since the early 90's and the pair's one collaboration resulted in 'Spacetrain', a sprawling track. Drum & Bass is known for its well, for both those things. But both drums and bass sounds can be some of the trickiest parts of music production, mixing and sound design to master.. In this guide, we'll throw out our top tips for getting your DnB tunes off on the right foot, nailing those crucial low-down elements.We won't stop at the low-end, though, taking you through the best general. Energetic liquid drum and bass jungle tune based on Brazilian bossa sound and jungle groove. Ideal for adventure videos,travel,jungle, rain forest. Break beat with scratching, trumpets and funky guitar and catchy melodies. Travel,wilderness,Amazon,Jungle, rain forest,Amazonia, Amazon Rainforest Included: 1.Liquid Drum and Bossa 2:4

Liquid Drum and Bass. 58,153 likes · 16 talking about this. Promotional page of liquid funk, soulful dnb, jazz dnb, atmospheric dnb, deep dnb and other chill music since 2009 Like a coffee to a morning, I find liquid drum and bass is the perfect accompaniment to these trips. It doesn't deliver a mighty gut punch like the usual drum and bass you're probably thinking of

Liquid drum and bass 4 autism is proud to present: Our first ever charity album! Out Now!-Featuring 42 songs with 46 artists- This is the ultimate mix of liquid drum and bass. Artists such as Stunna, Furney, Nelver, Makoto, and other drum and bass legends have been so humble and gracious to create tracks for this album.. Hi people this is one of my first posts on the forum. long time dnb head here, im a novice producer, I know the basics of dnb production but want to get into producing liquid drum and bass, sorry if this has been asked a thousand times before but looking for some advice? thanks in advance for any advice given will be much apreciated As a rule, anything by Hospital Records is good in this genre and dancefloor drum and bass in general (London Elektricity, High Contrast, Danny Byrd, Netsky, Nu:Tone, Logistics, Camo + Krooked, Fred V + Grafix & Metrik are all under them). So I went on a little quest to find some of the Best Liquid Drum and Bass Albums from the last 5 years or. Drum and Bass, Liquid, Jump Up, Neurofunk Webradio. DrumandBass.FM is a project started by the founders of the established webradios Dubbase.FM and TRAP.FM. With years of experience within the bassmusic -scene and the help of DJs, listeners and promoters we created a playlist within a class of its own. In about one year of hard work we listened.

Waking Dreams - Drum and Bass VIP Mix TwoThirds, Laura Brehm. Move Closer (feat. Belle Humble) DC Breaks, Belle Humble. Tonight Wilkinson. Close Drumsound & Bassline Smith. What Can You Do For Me Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Utah Saints. The Agony & The Ecstasy (feat. Selah Corbin) High Contrast, Selah Corbin. Beautiful Lies B-complex imo its all about making a normal drum and bass break, with some layered, hi-passed breaks n add some nice melodies on top then u just add the extra stuff like modulation, transition n fx n also listen to loads of liquid! n try n break it down n see what they use for the track, use that as an idea/inspiration Drum and Bass is a form of electronic (but now in some places, performed with live instruments) music that is played between 160 to 180 beats per minute (bpm). It is a melting pot of diferent musical influences ranging from classical, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, to indian, metal, and so on. Some tunes have vocals and are song structured, but other tunes are straight beats (which let you form your.

In most arrangements your drums and bass combine to provide the rhythm to the song. Guitar, originally a rhythm instrument as well, largely contributes the melody, although a rhythm guitarist will often be working closely with the drums and bass.. Winslow got some well-deserved recognition toward the end of 2020, when UKF began to catch wind of the stateside drum & bass producer's penchant for delivering some of the most soulful liquid drum. Representing the best of Japan's drum 'n' bass scene, Makoto's 70's jazz and soul influences have served him well in a career that has been firmly in the liquid camp since the late 90's. UK producer A-Sides is a stalwart of the drum 'n' bass scene since the early 90's and the pair's one collaboration resulted in 'Spacetrain', a sprawling track. Liquid Drum & Bass / Liquid Funk: A more atmospheric side to traditional Dancefloor Drum & Bass, and somewhat similar to Ambient Drum & Bass, Liquid Drum & Bass makes use of more traditional Drum & Bass sound design, with vibrant melodic synths, busy percussion, and euphoric atmospheric elements while still keeping a more minimalist sound. The.

'Liquid Drum & Bass Soul' is a journey into the lush, layered, musical world that Drum & Bass loves to live in. The loops & samples within fill out the sonic spectrum with rich, melodic elements that bounce off each other in their own tonal beauty and pour out of the speakers like a fine wine The Best Drum and Bass Albums of All Time. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band

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Inspired by a full spectrum of liquid DNB past and present, from old LTJ Bukem Progression Sessions to recent Hospital Records acts. Everything you need for a sunshine laced, bass heavy rinse out is right here and ready to roll. All the music loops you could want, perfectly processed drum loops and hits and a solid helping of sub bass goodness Liquid Drum & Bass vibes: Rolling beats, deep sub basses and melodic hooks. A mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks from a diverse selection of artists Liquid Drum And Bass Artists DJ Marky & XRS. 61,325 listeners. Sao Paulo, the second biggest metropolis in the world, doesn't have the picturesque charm of Rio De Janeiro. This bustling megalopolis is Get ready to turn up the heat on that club dance floor with pulsating bass rhythms mixed with punchy hard hitting drum patters: This is The Pulse Liquid Drum & Bass! Inspired by Goldie, DJ Hype, Noisia, Sub Focus, Pendulum and High Contrast this essential Drum & Bass pack comes packing punch right out the gate ready to hit the underground club scene

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Liquid Drum & Bass. Numbers feat. Benabu Original Mix. In My Mind feat. IAMDDB Original Mix. Space Time feat. Cleveland Watkiss Original Mix. Run Away feat. Fox Original Mix In the previous piece, we looked back at the evolution of Drum & Bass from its roots which stretched from The Winstons to Carl Cox to the early Jungle era a This piece from our 4-part DNB Evolution series looks back at the most important decade of Drum & Bass which saw the birth of Liquid Drum & Bass and Neurofunk 'Liquid Drum and Bass Vol 1' is simply breaktaking. It features the styles found in modern liquid drum and bass melted with the classic washes and pads found in classic dnb. All loops are at 177 BPM but can easily be stretched for Breakbeat and other styles. Future Music Review (January 2010 Rankin Audio's Liquid Drum And Bass volume 2 is here and it means business. We've developed a huge range of melodic sounds from delicate and evolving pads to granular and crushed basses. Ear-tickling and energetic arps to smooth, lush keys. Heavily processed, robot-like vocal loops to addictive lead synth lines, all w Liquid Drum & Bass 4 Autism is back! Updated: Jun 28. That's right! This time, the label is featuring a 4 track vinyl release, which features some of the songs from the top highly acclaimed album

Liquid Drum n' Bass | AIRA Microsite | Roland. Liquid Drum n' Bass TR-8S. New kits and patterns of 'Drum n' Bass. Drum n' Bass 808 626 Sample Drums. GO to DOWNLOAD. Two patterns and kits of liquid drum n' bass styles, containing fast but atmospheric beats, bass lines and atmospheric top lines. SYSTEM-8 also has the same concept Sound. Bladerunner - Dread Drum & Bass. Dream Drum & Bass is a collaboration from Dread Recordings and Loopmasters and remains one of the most popular DnB sample packs to date. The standout part of this royalty free sample pack is the soft sampler presets. This download contains 104 soft sampler presets for NNXT, Halion, SFZ, Kontakt and EXS24.50

Liquid Drum and Bass. 1. Tell You K Motionz. 2. Louder Than Words Pendulum, Hybrid Minds. 3. Remedies Mollie Collins, Ruth Royall. 4. All We Ever Do Flava D, Paige Eliza, DRS Dreazz Label Boss for Fokuz Recordings selects the most funky chilled out soulful and deep liquid drum & bass / DnB / D&B from all around the world and releases these tunes on these 3 Labels. This monthly 60 minute Liquid dnb mix is a showcase of all the music that is going to be released in 2020 Chart positions. This show was 2 nd in the global drum n bass chart, 2 nd in the global dnb chart, 2 nd in the global drum and bass chart, 4 th in the global liquid drum and bass chart and 32 nd in the global drum & bass chart #drum & bass #dnb #drum and bass #liquid drum and bass #liquid drum & bass It's been a hot minute since I posted something on here. I had quite a few requests after my last mix for a 2 hour special...so here it is, packed full of goodies from start to end

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This free liquid DnB sample pack showcases the deep basslines and highly detailed Drum & Bass drum loops on offer in the Evolved Drum & Bass sample pack Liquid Drum and Bass also known as 'liquid funk,' 'liquid,' 'liquid dnb' is a sub-genre of drum and bass. While it is very similar to drum and bass, it is known to have fewer bar-oriented.

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Monster Sounds has served up a riot of beats, basslines, melodic loops with its new sample pack Roll Deep Liquid Drum & Bass, a collection of sounds aimed at smooth drum and bass productions.. The 560MB pack comprsies 225 loops, including drum breaks, bass, keys, synth, pads, vocals, fx, guitar, strings, and more Product Information. 'Prime Loops: Liquid Drum & Bass' is a fresh new take on all the fundamental elements associated with this irrepressible and unrelenting genre. Whether you're making your first ripples in the D&B scene or you're an established producer with an ageing sample library, this pack is the ideal injection for your future productions Disclaimer. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only

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Loopmasters released Roll Deep Liquid Drum & Bass. Monster Sounds are bringing floaty back with Roll Deep - Liquid Drum & Bass, serving up a riot of beats, basslines, melodic loops and more for your smoother DnB productions. Put together by a 'name' bass music producer with long and illustrious history at the top end of the scene, Roll. 'Liquid Drum & Bass Soul' by Rankin Audio is a journey into the lush, layered, musical world that Drum & Bass loves to live in. The loops & samples within fill out the sonic spectrum with rich, melodic elements that bounce off each other in their own tonal beauty and pour out of the speakers like a fine wine BACK TO THE FUTURE - Monthly Drum and Bass Radio show and Podcast Broadcasting live on www.eruptionradio.uk, every other Thursday 10 til 12am! Our show covers all sides of Drum & Bass, focusing on the funky. Whether you like your 'DNB' Techy, Neuro, Liquid and even a little bit of Dance floor this is the show for you Liquid Drum and Bass. 58,113 likes · 11 talking about this. Promotional page of liquid funk, soulful dnb, jazz dnb, atmospheric dnb, deep dnb and other chill music since 2009

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Atmospheric Drum and Bass, Fashion Music, Food Background, Drum'n'Bass Similar MUSIC here. Liquid Drum and Bass Fashion - this is soft and uplifting track for background music, advertising, food and cooking, YouTube videos, video games, fashion shows, videohive background, streaming, etc This track made professionally and high quality, so the effect on the listener is guaranteed This is such an awesome Liquid Drum & Bass mix right here man I love it. Big up Fokuz Recordings. 2021-01-04T21:13:19Z Comment by Mess Jilla <3 <3. 2021-01-04T17:14:52Z Comment by Rezilient. whooaaa dope! 2021-01-04T14:53:49Z Comment by AllyCakesX. . 2021-01-04T14:01:23Z Comment by morris, za. Banger mix as usual, Big Up Fokuz Each n. Drum & Bass Arena 2016. Starz (LSB Remix) Lenzman feat. Kevin King. Lenzman feat. Kevin King. UKF Drum & Bass 2015. The View. DRS Lsb Tyler Daley Drum and Bass. From its origins in the British underground rave scene of the early 1990s, drum and bass has since become one of the most globally popular electronic music genres with possibly the most devoted fanbase of the lot

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Liquid Radio Drum and Bass - ReyoFM is now Liquid Radio! Liquid Radio Drum and Bass - a radio station that is powered by ReyoGroup Interactive and DnBFM. Liquid Radio™ developed multiple radios with several music genres and playing quality music. All of our radios are.. Description : Liquid drum and bass. Best rated track so far, witch won a contest on drumandbass.hu. Track was written in FL9. Only drum samples and hit FX samples were used, the rest (Pads, bass, piano rolls etc) were created by myself Summertime Liquid Drum & Bass 10 tracks | 1,951 92 | Stats Josh Kumra Mr Probz BCee liquid drum & bass liquid dnb drum and bass dnb liquid. Like d Collect Share Edit ADVERTISEMENT. by niconegri Follow. Notes. Another pick of my favourite melodic, atmospheric liquid drum and bass tunes, hope you guys enjoy. :) 10 tracks. Drum and Bass. Everything from deep rib shaking subs to growling mids and reece basses. Try our Drum and Bass samples, sounds and presets. $ 44.95. ADDED Liquid DNB loop. High energy/uplifting drum and bass loop Free Drum And Bass Drum loops download 175bp 10 Liquid Drum & Bass tracks that defined the genre At S&C Festival , it's no secret we're big fans of Drum & Bass . Anyone who's raved with us in our Big Top 'Energy' Tent can appreciate the love we have for breaks and basslines, and our home city of Cambridge is one of the genre's hotspots