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There is a Better Business Bureau file for Optavia LLC. The business is not accredited, and it's earned 1.5 stars out of 5 from 9 customer reviews. As of January 2020, 188 complaints have been filed with the company in the past 3 years, while 161 complaints have been closed in the past 12 months. What Users Are Saying The Optimal Health 3&3 Kit (#74781) is currently out of stock due to availability of kit components until further notice. The view the Classic products that are discontinued please visit the Classic Line Discontinuation BUZZ post here. As of May 4, 2021, the Essential Optimal 5&1 Kit includes: Essential Cranberry Honey Nut Granola Bar (#77910 Business Profile Optavia, LLC. Health and Wellness a refund since the products I ordered were out of stock. was misunderstood and they were going to escalate under case #02127388 and it.

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Business Leader Accessories: Notepad, Pen Set, Journal, and Optavia business box Support, subscription to Healthy Habits, training videos, and access to your own Optavia website for a year! Now that you're a health coach and know everything about the products in the kitthere are 2 other costs you should be aware of Yes. Well, that's what they offer. Although you can get your own passive income from other sources, like what I'm doing right now, but let's see if this one is legit. You may have heard of the Optavia Scam and I heard it too, especially the Optavia diet. Just a disclaimer, I didn't sign up for Optavia or used their products The situation at Optavia is getting worse and worse. The recording on the toll-free number suggests that normal delivery times are now12-15 business days from 5-8. Furthermore a source I spoke to days the warehouse is sometimes taking a month to get out product The Truth About the Optavia Diet, According to an R.D. 'We're born Indian and we die white:' Indigenous leaders in California fear COVID deaths are going undercounted. By targeting schools. Optavia Overview. Optavia was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 02, 2020 and since then this brand received 4 reviews.. Optavia ranks 18 of 328 in Weight Loss, Diets and Training category. The overall rating of the company is 3.0 and consumers are mostly neutral.. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: Use a Different Company, Add two extra weeks to shipping.

At the time I was doing the Optavia diet/lifestyle, I honestly thought that it was the best decision/choice for me. One year later, I've now learned that this was not true. I wanted to write a post to link to on these pages so that people can see how my Optavia journey turned out 1 year later and why I would never go on this diet again Getting the Most out of your OPTAVIA Business. 3. Chart Your Course (Looking at your business). Check your progress. Take some to evaluate your progress, look at your goals, revise your story, and understand where you are on your journey when you are out with friends and family and need to make healthy eating decisions. This guide will empower you to make healthier choices, whether you are dining out, picking up take-out after a busy day, or taking part in a special occasion. OPTAVIA's Registered Dietitian Nutritionists evaluated the menus of sit-down and fast-foo

In order to become an OPTAVIA coach, you will first need to talk to your current coach about opportunities. You can then order your OPTAVIA Business Kit to get started. The cost of the kit is $199, although it does include quite a bit in the way of business development Markedly, OPTAVIA-branded products formed 83% of consumable units sold in the quarter, up from 75% in the year-ago period. Also, total active earning OPTAVIA coaches rose 19.3% to 36,500 Working out is now enjoyable for Ailie. She is doing things she previously thought was impossible such as training to run a 5k, kickboxing, and reformer Pilates. I'm doing things that I would never have done before, like going to the beach, bike riding with my baby, and going out running with all of my kids Optavia fuelings are low in carbs, but high in fiber and protein. The cost of Optavia diet plans is from $350 to $425 per month, depending on the plan you choose. Since this is the review of the Optavia MLM business opportunity, I will focus our discussion on the business opportunity as an Optavia Coach 14 June 2021. To stay prepared for the ongoing, global growth of OPTAVIA and to prioritize production of our most popular products to provide the most optimal product line up and experience for you and your Clients, we have created a long-term plan to accommodate ongoing product updates in Hong Kong

Demand is so high that customers are reporting delays in their orders and shortages of popular foods, and bidding wars have popped up on eBay for out-of-stock snacks. One lot of 10 Optavia Sweet. Optavia LLC has been already 17 years in the business (it started in the summer of 2002). According to BBB, this company started locally only in 2017. In other words, Optavia was known as Take Shape for Life. The change has happened in 2017, but the portfolio of the products has been the same New is medifast the same as optavia New is medifast going out of business New is medifast covered by insurance New is medifast keto New is medifast still in business with. New medifast going out of business New medifast greenbrook New medifast guide New medifast groupon h. New medifast hong kong New medifast havre de grace m Get started as an OPTAVIA Coach™ on the right foot with a solid foundation.This kit keeps our Coaches organized and on-the-go with all of their business essentials to successfully get started including business tools, plan information, and even 12 months of free access to their co-branded internet storefront, and much more Rant. My mom is getting the runaround from Optavia coach and corporate number. Called to cancel, was told she missed deadline and she would be charged regardless of whether she kept product ( that hadn't left distribution yet). Mom follows through with all orders and canceled card with bank to prevent future billing for unwanted products

201 OPTAVIA LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 3 0301OPTAVIALRN We encourage you to work with your Business Coach/Mentor support team throughout this process. Our Community is here to support you every step of the way. Questions? Check out OPTAVIA Answers, call 1.888.OPTAVIA, or fill out the Contact Us form on your OPTAVIA personalized website Medifast, a publicly traded company. Revenue has been trending upward for at least 3 years and hit $117.3 million, an increase of 54.9% year-over year in 2018. Their Optavia branch specifically is doing even better, up 54.9% in year-over-year revenue at a whopping $117.3 million in the second quarter of 2018. [ 6 Discover holistic health and wellbeing with the new OPTAVIA App, available exclusively to the US OPTAVIA Coach Community at this time. The App features Lean & Green recipes, self-service options related to OPTAVIA Premier Orders and returns, and other key information, making it an optimal resource to share once we release it to OPTAVIA Clients soon Oct 7, 2019 - Explore Clark Purdy's board OPTAVIA SUCCESS STORIES on Pinterest. See more ideas about lean and green meals, medifast, weight loss pictures Medifast ultimately settled by paying a $3.7 million fine , but declined to admit guilt. [8] Medifast has changed the program name to Medifast Go, and added a new weight loss meal replacement program, Medifast Flex, previously known as the Medifast Achieve Plan. Each will run you around $75 to $100 a week

Printable Food Journal, Food Sensitivity, Food Tracker, Symptom Tracker, Mindful Eating, Daily Food Log. HolisticLifestyle101. 5 out of 5 stars. (24) $2.00. Add to Favorites. Quick view. Meal Planner BUNDLE, PINK Weekly Food Diary, Meal Tracker Printable, Daily Food Journal, Menu Plan, Prep! Grocery, Fitness Diet Wellness OPTAVIA Business Kits were also updated to align with changes for the above assets.The printed version of the newly updated OPTAVIA MAP is also now available for purchase in Coach Store.. Please note that Clients who place their first Premier order and new Coaches that order their Business Kit as of November 16, 2020 shall receive updated materials 5. Diet to Go. Founded in 1991, Diet To Go (DTG) has always had the primary goal of delivering healthy, sustainable meals to people's homes. The company originally operated locally in Virginia as a diet delivery business. They would later become one of the first companies to sell frozen diet meal programs to residents across the entire country

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Yes, Optavia is a legitimate business. The Better Business Bureau rates Optavia an A+ and the company has over 19,000 coaches. The company's products have also been used by more than 1 million clients and they have been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980 The thing is, that the Optavia plans provide between 80 and 100 grams of carbohydrate a day, which is far too much carb to put most people into ketosis. Ketogenic diets generally contain 5-10% of their calories from carbs. If you're eating 1000 calories on the Optavia program, 5-10% of that is 50-100 calories, which equals 12.5-25 grams of carbs From Good Housekeeping. The name Optavia may sound like a life-insurance firm or even an eyeglasses brand, but it's actually a popular weight-loss plan from Medifast Inc., the multilevel marketing company previously fined $3.7 million for false advertising.. Named one of the top trending diets in 2018 by Google, Optavia has received an endorsement from a celebrity adherent, too Can you do Optavia on your own? The meals can be chosen from more than 60 interchangeable fuelings plus one lean and green meal (think protein and veggies) prepared on your own. It includes four daily fuelings plus two of your own lean and green meals, and one Optavia-purchased snack. Click to see full answer OPTAVIA New Year Deals: 10% Off + Free Shipping. It's a piece of cake to place your order at the items you want at lower prices. optavia.com supplies a broad option of Weight Loss Products at an alluring price. 25% OFF at OPTAVIA is in the control of you. Don't pass up the offer! MORE+

Spray pan and evenly divide batter between 12 spots in pan (~1 1/2 Tbsp per spot). Spray waxed paper and use to press cookie evenly into bottom of pan. Cut 2 s'mores bars in 6 pieces each (12 total) and then crumble 1/6 of bar on each of 12 cookie crusts. Mix 4 brownie fuelings with 13 Tbsp water (3/4 c + 1 Tbsp) The plans are on the expensive side of things, with the priciest one selling for $448.60 and the cheapest plan going for $333. Optavia also vitamin-infused beverages, with these coming in at a much more reasonable $39.95. Optavia also offers a membership program called Optavia Premier

The app is great because it can go with you wherever you are heading. Just having the ability to pull out the mobile app and go through it is something Noom is focused on. It is the core of their structure and what they stand for as a business. The benefits include: Ideal for On-The-Go Dieting; Fast; 24/7 Access to Meal Plan OPTAVIA Convention will be held July 29-August 1, 2021 at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) in Atlanta.OPTAVIA Convention is about more than where we come together. It is not a place, rather a dedicated block of time when we commit to coming together as a Community, wherever we are, to connect, be inspired, awaken possibilities, and celebrate achievements

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  1. Optavia isn't a scam. It's a division of Medifast, which has been in business since 1980, selling weight loss and meal replacement products. However, this opportunity may not be right for you. The biggest problem is that this business model seems to focus a lot on recruiting and direct selling
  2. Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan: The Optavia 5&1 plan is most popularly chosen by people and includes five servings of fuelings and one balanced Lean and Green meal per day. Optimal Weight 4&2&1 Plan: This plan is suitable for those who need more flexibility in food options and more calories during the day. The plan allows for four Optavia fuelings, two Lean and Green meals and one snack every day
  3. OPTAVIA Coaches are the lifeblood of our program - most of whom were Clients first.Our Coaches provide their Clients with the education, encouragement and inspiration they need to develop healthy new habits while they potentially build a growing business that can transform their own lives.
  4. The Optavia Diet essentially is a meal delivery service that ships low-calorie, nutrient rich meals — which they call fuelings — to your house. But they are disguised as fan-favorites.
  5. Optavia, formerly known as Take Shape for Life, was rebranded in July of 2017. It's one of five subsidiaries of the Medifast company. It's one of five subsidiaries of the Medifast company. I see a lot of articles focusing on the business aspect of this company, but I want to focus more on the actual diet
  6. Three out of five (61%) are looking to prioritize healthy eating habits over work-life balance in 2021. 70% of Americans would rather get quality sleep each night than meet a fitness goal in 2021

It's truly a heart based business helping others, and can become a legacy business to leave to family. Positive mission based company culture, high quality, well respected. Fortune Magazine's 2 fastest growing company in the world in 2020, on Forbes 100 most trusted companies list multiple years, publicly traded on the NYSE, solid parent. Although Medifast, Inc. has been around since 1980, the introduction of its OPTAVIA program in 2017 has transformed its business and led to incredible growth in recent years. Its coach-based model. And now for the big question—how much is OPTAVIA going to cost you? Well, if you break it down into meals, not very much. Because these items are meant to be small, frequent meals, OPTAVIA's fuelings are very affordable. All foods come in packs of 7 and cost between $18.95-$22.95. There are also kits that you can buy ready-made. Here's a. Mar 3, 2021 - Explore Pat Aten's board Optavia, followed by 170 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about branding your business, positive quotes, quotes to live by One of the key things that has helped me thrive in my health over the last eight years is being a part of a healthy community and really changing my surroundings. Something the Habits of Health taught me was really to reintroduce a whole new set of habits, which can sometimes include our peer group and the places that we go

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  1. Join the Optavia distributor by buying the Optavia Business kits for $199. The business kit contains all the necessary training material that you need to become an Optavia health coach. Take part in one day certification training by Optavia for health coaches in Villanova University, this is totally optional and you can skip this training
  2. The company still offers its eponymous line of products, but Optavia, rebranded from Take Shape for Life in July, now accounts for 80 percent of the company's business, Chard said
  3. Markedly, OPTAVIA-branded products formed 83% of consumable units sold in the third quarter of 2020. Incidentally, total active earning OPTAVIA coaches grew 30.7% to 42,100
  4. Cut long story short, my friend was doing Optavia and lost a lot of weight, I only wanted to drop about 15 lbs. I also want to keep working out. Friend was doing the 5&1 - too little for me, and doesn't recommend working out while on it. However, the 4-2-1 program (look it up), works great for me
  5. d and healthy finances. If you think of it like a 3 legged stool, if one of those areas is out of whack, it is going to affect the other 2
  6. gorgeouss. 5 out of 5 stars. (1,200) $18.73. Add to Favorites

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Please go ahead. Reed Anderson-- that went out this afternoon at approximately 4:05 p.m. Eastern Time. The U.S. weight loss market that is core to OPTAVIA's business has been growing at. The tips below will allow you to complete Optavia Order Form quickly and easily: Open the template in our feature-rich online editor by clicking Get form. Fill out the requested fields that are colored in yellow. Click the green arrow with the inscription Next to move from field to field. Go to the e-signature solution to add an electronic. Gross profit for the first quarter of 2021 increased 83.8% to $248.5 million compared to $135.2 million in the prior year period. Gross profit as a percentage of revenue was 73%, down 280 basis. Optavia Diet Cookbook 2021: Healthy and Delicious Optavia Diet - Weight Loss Fast, Reset your Metabolism - Stay Lean with Healthy Living for Real Weight Loss [Menzies, Makayla] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Optavia Diet Cookbook 2021: Healthy and Delicious Optavia Diet - Weight Loss Fast, Reset your Metabolism - Stay Lean with Healthy Living for Real Weight Los

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The majority of the cookbooks out there can be scary and intimidating if you are taking your first steps into the Optavia Diet: Most of the times, they are filled with expensive and overcomplicated recipes that sometimes are hard to follow, resulting in a complete waste of time and money Optavia Diet: Complete Guide on How to Use Optavia Diet to Lose Weight Quickly and Effectively. Optavia dieting is a practice aimed at reducing weight or maintaining one's current weight. It recommends eating a combination of processed food referred to as fuelings, and homemade meals (lean and green meals) This is the life that multi-level marketing schemes are promising, entrapping the most vulnerable of the working class. Those who take the bait drown in massive debt that will take years, maybe. The 11th annual event was one for the ages. Since the live event of the 11th annual DSN Global 100 Celebration in Dallas was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, DSN presented a special video event on their website on the evening of April 1. It was co-hosted by DSN Publisher and Editor in Chief Todd Eliason, as well as John Fleming, who is a member of the DSA's Hall of Fame and recipient. The effective tax rate was 22.3% for the first quarter of 2021 compared to 21.8% in last year's first quarter. Net income in the first quarter of 2021, was $41.1 million or $3.46 per diluted share.

•How to achieve weight loss with the optavia diet •Benefits and side effects of the optavia diet program •Foods to eat and avoid •Optavia meal plans •FAQs about the Optavia diet •And many more What more? By going through the pages of this simple guide, you will be happy that you have made the right decision for optimum health and. The fantastic news concerning the Optavia diet is the Optavia goods and lean & Green foods promote the use of vegetables, which include digestion-friendly fiber. However, Derocha points out that the accession of soy and whey at the prepackaged products can leave a couple of individuals with gastrointestinal distress Non-Dairy Plant-Based Frozen Desserts | Arctic Zero. You guys rock! Dear arctic zero people, I have not ever written a letter to a company before but I want to say thank you to whoever came up with this stuff, your 160 calorie pints are amazing. I eat them every day And just some going back to just the domestic business, I know that you've made some changes to the business just to kind of spur growth in OPTAVIA the full launch has been very important of. Optavia dieting is a practice aimed at reducing weight or maintaining one's current weight. It recommends eating a combination of processed food referred to as fuelings, and homemade meals (lean and green meals). It is believed that sticking to the brand's product (fuelings) and supplementing it.

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  1. Optavia Coach Promo Code 2021. CODES (4 days ago) CODES (8 days ago) Optavia Coach Kit Promo Code - Free Coupon Codes. CODES (3 days ago) 30% OPTAVIA Promo Code 2021. CODES (2 days ago) Find the best OPTAVIA Promo Code, Coupon Code, Discount Code, and Deal posted by our team of experts to save you up to 30% when you check out at optavia.com.We track and monitor all the coupons and deals fro
  2. OPTAVIA® Healthy Exchanges. Health Details: Optimal Health 3 & 3 sample meal plan to create balanced meals.*The Healthy Exchange List is designed specifically for the Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan. The options listed are not suitable substitutions for OPTAVIA Fuelings during the weight-loss phase of the program. optavia cheat shee
  3. Wellness company Take Shape For Life is launching a new product offering under the Optavia brand. The direct selling division of weight-loss firm Medifast Inc. is in the midst of a year-long transition to Optavia, a lifestyle brand focused on optimal health.Our goal is to continue to expand our products and programs to support the health and wellbeing goals of our Health Coaches and clients.
  4. Results are going to vary for everyone, but if you follow the Optavia diet plan, and work closely with your coach, you can expect to lose weight in a way they say is both safe and healthy. According to clinical research (2), lifestyle interventions programs like OPTAVIA, are a cornerstone for successful weight loss
  5. Is OPTAVIA a scam? Nope! But there are a lot of details you need to know before diving into this program. In this OPTAVIA review, I'll expose to you..

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Feb 20, 2017 at 5:10 PM. Weight loss company Medifast Inc. said Monday it plans to change the name of its direct selling subsidiary to Optavia from Take Shape For Life in July and introduced new. OPTAVIA products support our mission of Lifelong transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time, by making it easier for Clients to create healthy, sustainable changes in their lives.. As a Coach, you know our Fuelings are unique and innovative. Each one has the same nutrient-dense and nutritionally balanced profile, making them interchangeable Bloomberg the Company & Its Products The Company & its Products Bloomberg Terminal Demo Request Bloomberg Anywhere Remote Login Bloomberg Anywhere Login Bloomberg Customer Support Customer Suppor Nope. I'm doing that to you. I'm going to be laying out my exact plan for when you have hard days. My eBook should give you a taste of how I approach things to maximize your success with Optavia. That being said, I'd love to be your coach. I'm not going to be your typical coach, but I will give you everything you need for success

Optavia is a meal kit plan, in which subscribers order pre-packed food. Bundle of joy: The mother-of-one is directly business to Jessica, one of Optavia's 'health coaches I knew it was an MLM going in and I know real food is better than packaged but I wanted a quick fix. It's not supposed to be a sustainable thing though. It gets you to where you want to be weight wise and then you transition out. Lazy-Organization-42 I have been on Optavia for 4 months and have hit a plateau at a 30 pound weight loss They likewise provide nutrients, minerals, fiber and substitute supplements. *Nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are a decent wellspring of protein, which helps keep you feeling more full more. Nuts and seeds are high in calories, in any suit, consequently don't eat them in big amounts. Built Bar Vs Optavia. * Low-fat dairy items Markedly, OPTAVIA-branded products formed 88.9% of consumable units sold in the first quarter of 2021, up from 79% in the preceding quarter. Incidentally, total active earning OPTAVIA coaches. Go back to Teamzy. Click +Add contacts (upper right) Select the .CSV file you just prepared with your clients or coaches listed. Select Coaches under Member Type. Click Continue to complete import. Repeat until all contacts are added to Teamzy. Post navigation. ← doTERRA: Import Back Office. Scentsy: Import Back Office →

When this happens, here are 6 quick and easy things you can do right NOW to get back on track and on your way to meeting your goals, successfully. 1. Stop Beating Yourself Up. If you're like me, you're a PRO at negative self-talk. On more than one occasion I have completely and totally shamed myself for not having done x You dont need the Optavia resource page to tell you which foods have soy - a simple google would do it. Or read the food labels on foods. Good luck with Optavia - and Good luck promoting it on MFP. I think you have probably chosen the wrong platform to do that - but hey, worth a try The Optavia Community is available to support you along with your coach. OPTAVIA has a large community of like-minded people that will support you throughout your journey. This includes video conferences and calls, nutrition support, online groups, and more; Scientifically Proven Fuelings and Plans are easy to follow. The Optimal Weight 5&1.

Medifast (NYSE: MED), the company behind one of the fastest-growing health and wellness communities, OPTAVIA® , hosted its second annual Healthy Habits For All Week, a week of service dedicated. Network marketing or Multi-level marketing is considered to be one of the best ways to market and popularize a product. Here the business roots are by means of human connections and relationships - therefore the business grows as the network spreads. Many in the world have already proven this as the best strategy and earned a fortune out of their business. Epixel MLM Solutions have done the.

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Please make sure you are logged in to OPTAVIA Pay so we can verify your identity and ensure a fast response to your inquiry. You can reach us by email at support@mail.hyperwallet.com or by using the form below. Include your OPTAVIA Pay Unique ID and email address used when registering with OPTAVIA in all correspondence What food is comparable to Optavia? A very similar nutritional profile can be achieved with real, whole-food meals and snacks like Greek yogurt with fresh berries, veggie omelets made with a blend of eggs and egg whites, grilled fish with wilted spinach, a fold-over turkey sandwich on whole grain bread. Click to see full answer

Optavia Food There are dozens of Optavia Fuelings to select from at the five&1 Plan. This consists of supplements, snacks, shakes, teas, smoothies, bars, desserts, pasta, or even breakfast ingredients. While those Optavia merchandise is to be had personally at the professional internet site, you could additionally discover them withinside the kits Cost of OPTAVIA: OPTAVIA Fuelings are interchangeable and include sweet bars, shakes and puddings as well as savory chips, pasta and soups. As a frame of reference, the 5&1 Plan calls for 22. Do local business owners recommend Optavia? Visit this page to learn about the business and what locals in Kaneohe have to say Optavia is a low-calorie diet that relies on pre-packaged food, tiny portions, and unqualified 'coaches'. It appears, according to the research, that many people regain the weight they lost on this program, if they don't drop out of it before that. The financial, emotional, social, and possibly physical costs of Optavia appear to be very.

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5 out of 5 stars. (4) 4 product ratings - Optavia Essential Creamy 7 Bar Double Peanut Butter Crisp Bar - 7.91oz. $22.00. 4 bids. $7.50 shipping. Ending Saturday at 9:56AM PDT. 20h 34m. Watch Given consumers' rising inclination toward health, the OPTAVIA lifestyle solution and coaching support system bode well. Notably, OPTAVIA-branded products contributed 87.2% of the total. She and her husband Wayne shared many sports and adventures and started a business, Optavia, that strives to help people reach healthier happier lives. She was a shining light for so many, in lieu of flowers please donate to the Anne Arundel County SPCA in her memory, 1815 Bay Ridge Ave, Annapolis, MD, 21403 or a charity of your choice ABOUT ME Hi, I'm Melinda Strauss and I'm a food blogger, photographer and Independent Optavia Coach. I live in Long Island, New York with my husband, Justin, our two children, Zach and Nora, and our sweet Alaskan malamute/retriever, Louie. I grew up in beautiful Seattle, Washington, surrounded by mountainous views and the freshest salmon known to [ Stacy from Stacy Phillips Independent Certified OPTAVIA Coach Answered this on May 04, 2018. The first step in reducing stress and anxiety is to deal with the cause of the stress and anxiety. If I have a pebble in my shoe, and go to the doctor to find out what I can do, because it is causing me pain, the doctor will likely prescribe something.

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(5 days ago) There is a Better Business Bureau file for Optavia LLC. The business is not accredited, and it's earned 1.5 stars out of 5 from 9 customer reviews. As of January 2020, 188 complaints have been filed with the company in the past 3 years, while 161 complaints have been closed in the past 12 months. What Users Are Saying Business Type: MLM. Investment: $19. Recent Reviews: Melaleuca Review. Is Optavia a Scam. The Cowboy Wealth marketing system is created to recruit people into the Melaleuca MLM company. You don't make money with Cowboy Wealth. You make money by building a team to sell Melaleuca health & wellness products Optavia Review (UPDATE: 2021) 17 Things You Need to Know. CODES (5 days ago) There is a Better Business Bureau file for Optavia LLC. The business is not accredited, and it's earned 1.5 stars out of 5 from 9 customer reviews The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook makes everything about Optavia diet air fryer fast and easy. Air fryer helps to reduce the amount of fat, that could lower the amount of calories markedly. For example, deep-fried pork chops are awfully fatty, but the air fried pork chops contain less fat and much more protein